Back in New Jersey


Diane and I were up at 5:30. She left at six. Then I got my packing together and handed in our evaluation sheets. I had fifteen minutes before the pick-up to the airport, and I had my project safe in my carry-on, so I eliminated the tail for New Mexico before I left. At the airport, once I got to the gate I had 45 minutes, so I eliminated the tails for Idaho and California. The airport was crazy with several flights delayed, gate changes, mechanical problems, and even a cancellation. My flight was delayed for 70 minutes, but I didn't want to take out my project in the unpredictable confusion. I am home and have started eliminating my Arizona tail while I watch Project Runway. I look forward to reading the blogs of those that are still there and taking more classes. Boy will my bed feel good tonight! It was a great time in Chicago.

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