Puzzle Pieces – day 3 and 4


Yesterday we made great progress as we did sections 6 thru 9 and started on 10. I actually finished section 7 so I have 2 complete sections done! Having the basting of the sections made it so much easier to figure out where to start each section.

You can start to see some deeper oranges in these sections. Section 8 has several layers of Amadeus stitches with lots of bright colors. In section 10, we had to decide on what color crescents we wanted as there are 5 layers. Initially I was going to go with the blues and lavenders to balance with the right side. Then looking at the finished piece again today, I realized the balance of colors is more on the diagonal with the top and right being the blue and lavender and the bottom and left being more the bright oranges and green so I'm rethinking my color schemein the sections with options.

Day 3 results

I didn't do any additional stitching last night, which waas provably good to have a break. Today we worked through the corners of section 10. The photo shows even less done on that section than yesterday as I had gone with the lavender / blue color scheme there including the corners but decided the colors weren't working and, as I said, I realized the color balance In the pilot,so I tore it all out at he end of the day!

We also worked the rest of the sections including the center, which also has some choices to be made in terms of color. I decided to wait until I had other sections around it done to get the effect I ultimately want.

Day 4 progress


I have to say, I did learn a lot about overlaying and padding stitches in this class. I love the finished design and am looking forward to finishing this. It was the right level of challenge for me once I basted everything so I wasn't frustrated with my counting. I have to admit around 3:30 today, I panicked thinking my left side counts were all off. Luckily, I was mistaken although I know some had problems with their counting and were doing lots of ripping! Once the basting is in so you know where each section goes, the project is definitely a fun piece. There's lots of opportunities for color choices and the multi-layer stitches provide great dimension and effect.

I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of the class and met wonderful stitchers of all ages from all over the country. While I was sad to see the class end, I was also happy as I tend to have difficulty sitting still for so long!

Tomorrow, Heidi and I are doing the Frank Lloyd Wright bus tour for a change of pace.

Happy stitching,



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