Roaring thought the western states!


As you may have counted we had quite a few states to address today, but no extra hours of class time. We did need to “dry lab” as we used to say, a few states, meaning we read over the directions and took a few notes. There are some really pretty and fun stitches in the western states. I like the one for Colorado, but think I will take it out and rotate it 90 degrees so it looks like mountains even though they are the wrong color for the Rockies. The nice thing about these stitches is that they cover a large area. A funny thing in Gail's designing and writing up her directions was that when she ended the lower forty-eight states, she had only forty-seven stitches. Which was the missing state? Turns out it was Maryland which has probably the most irregular borders and wanders all over the place! The stitch for that is the encroaching Gobelin which should be fine for covering the area and easily compensated.

A Bit Here, A Bit There


After class today I wanted to walk down to where we will be taking the Segway tour Wednesday to make sure I knew the route and determine how long it would take to get there. It is down near the Navy Pier so after I found the door to the tour I continued on to the Navy Pier which was more than I expected with shops, restaurants, a Ferris wheel, carousel, and a few other entertainment activities. They are in the process of updating the area so some parts were closed for construction, but it looked like an interesting place to wander around. Maybe Thursday night when nothing is on the schedule.

I came back to see the Teacher's Showcase where teachers showed the things that they will bring to your area to teach. We all looked with the idea that maybe NJNA could bring a teacher in at some point. We did see a few things we thought worthwhile to put on the list of potential workshops.

Wednesday is an off day from stitching until we have exhausted our touring.



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