With the August SOTM coming up, I realized I hadn’t posted last month’s progress!  Five of us gathered at Diane’s house in Pittstown for the July SOTM.  While it was quite a drive for some, all made it with just a few missed turns!

As usual, we had great conversation to go along with the cursing of trying to figure out what we were doing.  We had quite a few discussions about what octagon we really had done or were doing (such confusion!) as well as what the stitch guide was really saying about the double fans!  We also had lots of thoughts on where a stitch was to go as well as what threads people were using in different situations.  It was interesting to note the different effect that resulted in the different colorways.  For instance, Dee’s and Diane’s top octagon are the same yet the effect is totally different.  As we’ve been saying, this is quite a challenging, although fun, piece for most of us that we probably would have put in the UFO pile if we weren’t doing it as a group.  Here’s to the power of peer pressure and comaradarie!

Below is our progress at the end of the day.  As you can see, some of us (like me!) are a bit further behind than others!


On to August……

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