Peanuts and Crackerjack!


Hi, Everyone!

Last night, a small contingent from NJNA elected to participate in “Stitch and Pitch” night with the Somerset Patriots!

Only Dee and Heidi were brave enough to stitch!

Only Dee and Heidi were brave enough to stitch!

What a lovely night we had!  First of all, the weather was perfect:  not too hot, hot too cold, clear and dry with a beautiful full moon.

Howl at that Moon!

Howl at that Moon!

Secondly, our seats were directly behind home plate.  Who could have imagined what a dangerous location this could be?  I swear that these guys are compensated for how many balls they hit into the stands!  Third, it was hat night!  Fourth, they announced “NJNA’s presence” at the top of the sixth inning!  Fifth, the food was plentiful.  Sixth, the company couldn’t have been better.  Seventh, as honored guests, some of us got scratch-off lottery tickets (no one won more than $3.)  Did I mention that the Patriot’s won — in overtime?!

It’s one, two, three strikes you’re out….

Cheers, Rosie

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  1. And ice cream! Which I had for dinner. There were five of the original seventeen who stayed until the bitter end. We had two groups sitting together, NJNA and Friends of Counted Embroidery and included family member’s as well as friends in our contingent. The game was tied in the top of the ninth, the Patriots had the bases load in the tenth with no outs and did not score! At that point several of us decided we would give them one more inning. They came through in the bottom of the eleventh, whew! The nice part was that at that point the line to leave the parking lot was almost nonexistent. I hope they have this again next year.

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