Atlantis Rising — Framed


Hi Everyone!

I’m very excited because today I picked up “Atlantis Rising” from the framer!

Atlantis Rising!

Atlantis Rising!

The last time I posted, I indicated that I needed to find a pendant for the top of the mountain.  Many of you have asked what I decided to do.

I hate to shop, so I shopped my jewelry box.  It’s just a different kind of stash!  I found a pendant that I didn’t want to use for this because I really liked wearing it.  But, it went so well — right size, color, etc.  It is a piece of ancient sea glass, so it even fit with the theme of the project!  Now what should I do with the matching earrings??

Kudos to Diane and CarolAnn for helping pick the matting and frame!  I am so glad that we went with the pinkish mat!

Cheers!  Rosie

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  1. Thanks, Belle (and Linda and Sue)!

    The picture can’t really do the pendant justice because the light and color reflects so differently in reality. I’m anxious to hear what my guild members say when they see it in person!

    Cheers! Rosie

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