May 2014 Stitch of the Month


Hi, Everyone —

Today the SOTM group met at our new recurring day to stitch “A Different View” by Kurdy Biggs.  We are working on the borders and hope to have them done and be ready to start on our first octagons next month!  Two of our stitchers were out with health issues, but hopefully we will ALL be together next month.

Here’s our progress at the end of today.  Unfortunately, Robin had to leave before we remembered to take a picture.

A Different View

A Different View

Diane:  Coral
Dee:  Black
Sue C:  Aqua
Mary: White
Rosie: Yellow

I hope some of the participants will chime in with information about their “View”.  Mine is the one on yellow canvas.  You can see my color assortment in my earlier post about my shopping spree on the way to Woodlawn!  You can tell that I am the only one who had to get all her jessicas done before moving on to the rest of the border stitches.  I have not used any metallic thread yet — so it’s not as bling-y as the others.

We have very much enjoyed seeing the stitching of A Different View in the SBANG May meeting notes.  Dottie’s hints in their newsletter are helpful and we all made sure we saw them before we got started.  We also think that Belle was so clever to use the canvas samples to make ornaments with the different octagons.  We also found a beautiful, completed “View” at needleartnut.

Sue introduced us to Trader Joe’s brownie mix which was a perfect complement to her snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies!

What a great way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Cheers, Rosie

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  1. Thank you, Rosie! I’m finding two definite advantages to making these small ornaments. First, I can use my stash pretty easily, as the amount needed of each thread thread is small (therefore making this a basically free project, as the canvas swatches were free in the first place). Second, they’re very portable. I have each one bagged up with its threads and the few pattern pages I need. If I’m going someplace where I know I’ll have some distractions, I just make sure that I have the outline roughed in (one stitch in place for each smyrna, for instance) and I can then fill in the rest without goofing up.


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