April SOTM Group — A Different View


Hi, Everyone —

The SOTM group within NJNA has decided to stitch “A Different View” by Kurdy Biggs for the remainder of the year.  This project is also being done as the year-long chapter project by San Bernardino ANG (SBANG) — so we hope to develop a sister chapter mentality by sharing hints, progress, and pictures!  We have eight stitchers in our New Jersey group!

We met last Saturday to work out a plan of action for the rest of 2014.  This month we will work on getting most of our supplies and having the Smyrna crosses done for the border.  Next month we will finish the border and then the real fun will begin.  One Octagon a month for the next four months, then a month for the small squares and a month for the beading!  It sounds ambitious, but it’s great how much you get done when each month is treated as a mini-project all by itself!  The unusual beads in this project appear to be the most difficult item of procurement (but at least we have until November!).

After planning, we had our lunch and then stitched whatever we wanted for the rest of our day.  Three of us were working on “Frankie” and one was working on the “Ort Box with a Twist”, our NJNA chapter workshop and chapter program, respectively.  Only one, Robin, had her supplies and could start on her Smyrna stitches!  Dee was stitching our state mantra “Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas!”


April SOTM!

A fun time was had by all!

Cheers!  Rosie

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