SBANG and Frankie!


Hi, Everyone —

Last Tuesday, while I was in California, I took the opportunity to attend the regular meeting of the San Bernardino Chapter of ANG!  It was fun to see Diane, Dottie, Jo, Tru, and others from my “Atlantis Rising” class and also to see Belle and Liz again!   Diane conducts the meeting with a business section, announcements, door prizes, show and tell, and a marvelous program from Dottie.

I picked up a copy of their 2014 chapter project “A Different View” by Kurdy Biggs.  I’m very intrigued by the different looks of each of three colorways — including the use of different threads on each!  (Thanks, Jo, for allowing me to take your copy at the meeting!)

SBANG offered a cyber workshop with Laura Perin called “Lilac Time” last spring.  Carol, Sue C, and I all signed up to take it.  I finally finished mine while I was at my Mom’s, so I took it to the meeting as my show and tell.  I assumed that the group had seen many finished versions of the piece already, but they claimed NOT!  I explained that Sue C had not only finished, but had framed and hung it!


“Lilac Time” designed by Laura Perin and stitched by Rosie.

I mentioned in an earlier “Atlantis Rising” post about the wonderful scissor and threader fobs that Dottie made for me.  After the workshop, she found some additional beads that she thought were perfect for me (they are!) and so she brought two more beaded fobs to me at my Mom’s on Wednesday!  Here it is on my hemostats:


Isn’t it beautiful? And colorful?!!!  I LOVE it!

Some of you may remember that I took “Frankie” as a workshop with SBANG a few years ago.  Who would have guessed that NJNA would decide to do it as a workshop of our own this spring?  Anyway — I’ve been enjoying stitching a new “Frankie” with my own colors.  Here’s the workshop from last Saturday!

It's fun to stitch with friends!

It’s fun to stitch with friends!

Enough rambling for now!

Cheers!  Rosie

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