Woodlawn Needlework Exhibit, 2014


I went to the Woodlawn Exhibit yesterday and again this morning.  Oh, it is inspiring!  As I am doing more in the world of needlepoint, it is great to see both names and pieces I recognize.  Rona has an exhibit there in a display case in the main hall that we all saw her working on at our meetings!  I will leave it to her to tell us about it.  There is one room devoted to canvas work, although other canvas pieces can be found in other rooms.  As I am going in to that room, I spotted an Atlantis Rising minus a pendant and a blue Nancy Cucci piece that Rosie is currently working on.  There were three of Kurdy Biggs’ pieces on display, but not the one that Rosie was telling us about.  The river scene that some of us saw Melita Glavin begin to work at the first NeedleFest was on display, an original design.  There were pieces that had to bring a smile to your face including a painted canvas of Rita Hayworth done perfectly with glitz and fancy stitches.  It is definitely worth a visit.  Oh, and if you are there for the night, there is a restaurant in Old Alexandria called Chadwicks.  We liked it!  (no relation.)

Only about a mile away is a needlework shop called In Stitches with a big selection of counted cross stitch charts, a few counted needlework charts and a wide variety of threads.  (My stash of unfinished projects is so huge I was not even tempted to buy more!)  Just about five miles off the route home is another shop in a suburb of Baltimore called the Stitching Post.  this one has more space but again is heavy on cross stitch charts.   It was a good getaway!


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  1. We always stop at Chadwick’s for lunch – great food. The Wharf is our latest favorite spot for dinner. It is fantastic that you visited twice because there is sooo much to look at that you really can’t take it all in over one visit. Melita

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