2014 Stitch of the Month — New Beginnings!


Hi, Everyone —

The Stitch of the Month (SOTM) group met at my house this afternoon.  This year’s ANG project is a set of three bracelets.  Our group decided that we would try the first bracelet and then decide whether we wanted to continue or to pick a different project.

This morning, the second installment for the first bracelet was uploaded and five us got together to stitch it.  Only Linda got into the second installment — the lattice and flowers.  Carol, Sue C., and Sue R., had gotten together to paint their canvasses — this was part of the January lesson.  Sue C. and Carol plan to make theirs into a wearable bracelet.  Linda, Diane, and Rosie are planning to combine all three bracelets into band samplers, yet each of us has a different idea of how to do this!

February SOTM Progress!

February SOTM Progress!

Next month’s installment will introduce bling!

All in all, we had a wonderful day stitching with friends!



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