Cross Eyes from Noteworthy Needle


Hi, Everyone —

A few months ago, I met Janis Note of Noteworthy Needle and she was stitching the lenses for a pair of her trade-marked Cross Eyes glasses.  I thought the sun glasses would make great stocking stuffers for my girls so I bought a few kits.

Today I finished the stitching on Marisa’s glasses and I wanted to share the result with you.

Cross Eyes by Janis Note

Cross Eyes by Janis Note

And here’s a close-up of the design.

Close-up of Lens Stitching

Close-up of Lens Stitching

Janis assembles the pre-drilled glasses into a kit which also contains an eyeglass case, Size 28 Needle, Beadalon Big Eye Beading Needle, Waxer, Needle Grabber, detailed instructions, and two charts.  Marisa picked her own thread colors at JoAnn’s.

In addition to sunglasses, Janis sells magnifier glasses as well as several colors and types of sunglasses.  I think this is a way cool idea and a unique stitched gift and conversation starter!  Don’t you agree?

Cheers!  Rosie

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  1. You did a great job, Rosie! Janis was quite impressed with the color changes that you made. I think that she may be a vendor at NeedleFest.

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