Atlantis Rising — Done!


Hi, Everyone —

As you know from earlier posts, in late October I took a workshop for “Atlantis Rising” with the San Bernardino Chapter of ANG.  I set a goal of finishing this project by Christmas so that I could then go back to working on my seminar pieces.  Well — I am happy to announce that today is “Christmas” and that tomorrow I can finally start writing my “Happy Winter” greeting cards!

Atlantis Rising by Ro Pace!

Atlantis Rising!

I really don’t think that the picture does this awesome design by Ro Pace justice.  It took longer than I expected because the last instruction was to add embellishments to fill in the white areas of the canvas.  No guide, no suggestions — but lots of areas to fill!

There is one last thing to do — I need to pick a pendant to be placed near the top of the “mountain”.  Ro sold beautiful glass pendants at the class and I bought two (see earlier post) but now that the stitching is done, I don’t really like either of them.  I found a pendant from Premier Jewelry in my box and although it has the correct colors of stones, the pendant is set in dark metal and isn’t quite the right thing either.  I’d propose a road trip, but you all know how much I hate to shop!

So — Happy New Year and Cheers!


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