Learning to Weave!


Hi, Everyone —

This past weekend, Sue R and I took a “Learn to Weave” workshop that was sponsored by the Jockey Hollow Weavers Guild!  Each student had a small, 4-shaft loom at their workstation.  We learned how to thread the loom — what an interesting and complicated process!  Luckily, we had an NJNA guild member, Dee, to help us figure it out.

The teacher, Daryl Lancaster, was absolutely fantastic!  We learned so much!  Finally, with only two hours left in our 7 hour day, we actually started to weave!

My Woven Sampler!

My Woven Sampler!

Daryl had provided us with a “draft” or pattern so that we could see the effect of different threading sequences, weaving sequences, and color sequences!  We also learned how to “read” a draft!

Sue and I now understand the weaving process better and can appreciate why hand woven goods are so expensive!

Cheers!  Rosie

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    • It WAS fun! And, something that I’ve wanted to learn for ages. I think I’ll be satisfied now that I know how the mechanics work — doubt it will become a new hobby. Besides, I have enough needlepoint projects to see me out!!! Cheers!

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