October Stitch of the Month


Five of us (Carol, Linda, Diane, Sue R, and Gwen) attended this month’s Stitch of the Month session hosted by Carol.  While it took us a while to figure out where to start, how close to go to the center motif, and how to continue the next from the center motif instead of having to end the thread and start again at the bottom, we each made a lot of progress on our projects.  We were amazed to see the different effects of each of the metallic colors against the canvas and other areas of the design.  Some of them you have to look at closely in the photo but they are dramatic in person and look like they are part of the fabric.  We weren’t sure whether we were supposed to do the center backstitch in the center motif but none of us got that far yet.  We had lots of discussion about what the next 2 months will bring to finish the piece, even though we’ve seen the finished work!   I wasn’t sure I liked mine and am considering using a #4 braid instead of the #8, but looking at the picture I may leave it as is – although if I have some #4 braid, I may try a strand to see how it turns out!


As usual, we had great conversation and enjoyed a fabulous fruit torte dessert provided by Carol.  We had just a little assistance from the kitties, who were quite well-behaved!

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