EGA Seminar begins!


Rosie and I arrived at the Galt House Hotel about noon today after driving from Mendham through Maryland, West Virginia, and Kentucky. The drive was beautiful with some fall colors in Maryland and West Virginia. There was very little traffic for most of the drive making it a relaxing drive. We listened to much of an audio book on the drive. Since it was not over as we pulled into the hotel parking, we will finish it in the room.

The hotel is beautiful, but it may be Friday before the map of the layout is fully embedded in my brain. The hotel has two towers on either side of Fourth street. Our room is on the 19th floor of one tower and our classes, registration, exhibit, boutique, book store are in the other tower. Restaurants can be found in both towers. There is a walkway on the third floor which goes over the street. Our room is larger, brighter, more elegant, as well as more comfortable than the one in Anaheim this summer. Our view is of the Ohio River!!

Coal barge going upriver

We went out to lunch, don’t ask, and came back to investigate. Rosie investigated the literature in the room while I investigated the classes for next year and the boutique. What did I find in the boutique? They carry a full line of Finca!!! Hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to make some color selections for “Frankie”, a workshop that NJNA is doing in the spring of 2014. When I returned to the room, Rosie and I got out our SOTM to work on while listening to more of our book on Rosie’s computer and watching the barge on the river.

Rosie stitching away. The blurry hand is her rapid stitching!

I think that we were stitching at the same time as the group at Carol’s home was stitching!

We found a good place for dinner about two blocks from the hotel which was not a chain restaurant, had good food at reasonable prices. We have decided that we could return there again!

Tomorrow is a free day for both of us so we should have fun at the bookstore, etc. Look for more tomorrow!


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    • I have no idea how I managed that. At first I was disappointed to see how blurry that section was and then I realized it was to my advantage! Rosie IS a fast stitcher!

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