Adirondack Retreat


Hi, Everyone!

What a wonderful time we had at our Adirondack Retreat!  Diane is a wonderful, casual hostess and made us all feel welcome and comfortable.

Our Casual and Welcoming Hostess!

Our Relaxed Hostess soaks up some fresh air!

Diane, Carol, Sue C, and I drove up on Friday.  It took us about four hours and we all met up for a wonderful lunch in Warrensburg.  Then we drove as a caravan to the cabin on Garnet Lake.

Beautiful Garnet Lake!

Beautiful Garnet Lake!

You can see that we picked a wonderful weekend to observe the autumn colors!

On Saturday morning, we tried out Sue C’s “Omelet in a Bag” recipe for breakfast (it’s on the NJNA website).  It was amazing and tasty.  We all had our doubts, but this recipe really works!

A kitchen designed to allow multiple cooks -- who didn't spoil anything!!

A kitchen designed to allow for multiple cooks — who didn’t spoil anything!!

We met Heidi and Pam in North Creek for lunch and shopping!

Lunch Bunch in North Creek!

Lunch Bunch in North Creek!

While we were walking along the street, a train pulled into the local station amid much noise and whistling.  A good number of folks got off and would spend a few hours in town before heading back home on the train.  Luckily, we beat them all to the deli for lunch!  After lunch, we all jumped at an opportunity to take a gondola to the top of Gore Mountain.



The ride up (and back down) provided stunning views of the fall foliage, the surrounding mountains, and even Garnet Lake!

Top of the World!

Top of the World!

Then it was back to the cabin and stitching, eating, stitching, eating, talking, stitching, and sleeping!  Most of the gang had set some sort of stitching goal and I think that most of us met them!  Pam finished this colorful poncho.

Pam models her handiwork!

Pam models her handiwork!  Beautiful!

Heidi finished her “H” and got started on “I”.  (I forgot to get a picture but you’ll see it in the next meeting summary!)  And here are the rest:

Top:  Carol's SOTM, Rosie's Journey, Diane's Stocking Middle:  Sue C's Christmas Cracker Bottom:  Carol's Lilac Time, Carol's Ram, Diane's Tea Cups!

Top: Carol’s SOTM, Rosie’s Journey, Diane’s Stocking
Middle: Sue C’s Christmas Cracker
Bottom: Carol’s Lilac Time, Carol’s Ram, Diane’s Tea Cups!

We were all amazed at how many helpful hints we shared:  from the Halloween fairy; to Rabbit, Rabbit; to cooking bacon; to some fab recipes!  I know I’m missing some, so everyone help me out in the comments!

Many, many thanks to Diane for orchestrating this wonderful get-away for us!  We hope more of NJNA will join us on future retreats!  We all wanted to stay a few more days — and we probably had the food to support that!

Sue and I leave for the EGA seminar in Louisville on Friday — so stay tuned for more updates!

Cheers!  Rosie

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  1. It was a fabulous weekend – time went too fast! Diane’s home is wonderful; perfect for stitching. The leaves and the weather cooperated in delivering great beauty. Thank you, Diane, for your hospitality. Also, thanks to Sue and Rosie for organizing the menu – delicious and healthy

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