Day of “Rest”


Neither Rosie or I had classes today so we could pretty much do as we wished. The very heavy rain that hit Louisville made us decide not to go to the Louisville Slugger factory today. I began the day volunteering at the Registration Desk from 7:30 to 9:30. There were four of us doing that job and business was very slow! Rosie came down at 9:30 and I was finally able to escape so that we could go for a late breakfast at the Magnolia Cafe in the hotel. After breakfast we went to the bookstore and exhibit area then on to the boutique shop, my downfall! With the help of Rosie, one very knowledgeable saleswoman and two other friends who appeared on the scene for the final selection here is what I purchased.

Frankie colors, with an alternate choice

I caouldn’t decide on the “yellow” so have narrowed it down to these two. I do realize that these colors fit neither with the Michael Boren idea of what is right nor the colors of Frank Lloyd Wright, but to me they are appropriate colors for stained glass windows.

We stopped at the room displaying the classes for next year’s seminar in Phoenix and were able to find a few things that we liked, never the same classes. The resort looks beautiful and the rooms are suites with free parking and a refrigerator! Wow!

When we returned to the room, we worked on our SOTM and finished the audio book. Banquet is tonight. I know I will be too tired to write after the banquet so I am posting now.


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  1. Sue, you are so lucky to be able to play with all the Finca colors! I like the top yellow. Your blue and red are consistent with what I was planning along with a green and a yellow. While they may not match Michael Boren’s ideas, they do match the Tiffany lamps in my kitchen! Stay dry! Diane

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