Heidi’s Progress in Nov. – Dec.


Since I am unable to attending the meeting on Wednesday, I wanted to share with you what I have done.  Pictured below are the three Christmas items I have stitched and finished.  The red and black ornament to the right, which I got at a previous NJNA Dec. gift exchange, is a gift for Pam  this Christmas.  The stocking in the middle I purchased at a trunk show at Mrs. Stitches., and started down in Florida in Oct.  Bill and I are going to be grandparents for the first time in May.  I will hang this little stocking with our others next week to recognize the the coming baby.  The little red square ornament is a gift for my coming grandchild.  I intend to gift an ornament each year.

While my daughter is with me in Florida, we are going to this fabulous needlepoint store, Needlepoint in Paradise, in Naples, which I discovered in Oct.  I will have her pick out the Christmas stocking that she would like me to stitch for her child.  I’ll have a deadline of a year to get it finished.  May you all have a joyful Christmas and a wonderful new year.


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  1. Beautiful stitching, Heidi. The ornaments are wonderful. Congratulations on the impending addition to your family. Happy holidays.

  2. Great job with the blog post! I love the idea of the little stocking to acknowledge the upcoming grandbaby! Congratulations to you and to your daughter! We will miss you on Wednesday. Please be sure to blog again about your visit to the Florida needlepoint store! Cheers and happy holidays.

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