A Little Holiday Spirit


Hi Everyone!

When Sue C and I visited Gladstone Country House last year, we decided that this outing needed to be a December tradition.  So today, Sue R joined us for our second annual Holiday visit to Ellen T’s store in Gladstone, New Jersey.  And what a wonderful day it was!

Gladstone Country House

Gladstone Country House

Ellen’s beautifully decorated Christmas trees and clever decorating ideas are inspirational and can even put a Grinch like me into the holiday spirit!   I bought a “smoker” from Germany — when you place incense under the snowman, smoke comes out his pipe!  He is adorable!  I bought some Christmas scented incense and even my daughter, Meg, liked the smell.  (Of course it doesn’t hurt that there is a fox in front of the snowman!)

Four NJNA members enjoying the Christmas atmosphere at Gladstone Country House

Four NJNA members enjoying the Christmas atmosphere at Gladstone Country House

After we made our purchases — complete with gift wrap when needed — we tooled on down the road to Cafe Azzurro for lunch in Peapack, New Jersey.

Lunchtime at Cafe Azzurro

Lunchtime at Cafe Azzurro

A yummy time was had by all!  We’re already anticipating our “third annual” visit next year!

Cheers to all —


PS — Ellen has an awesome tradition of providing a complimentary Christmas ornament with your purchase!

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