Almost Time


It is now Tuesday afternoon.  I think I will go blind or batty if I have to look

At instructions for another day.  So I have taken an hour off

to get some reading done.  I was able to go to lunch wih Sue and

Rosie – luckily they invited me.  We met up with Cindy and Pat who

are some of my favorite pilot stitching people.  It was intersting to hear

about the Judging program – Cindy is currently enrolled.

I am now ready to go to the Master Teacher program meeting at 5 pm.

After that I will be ready to have dinner with the NJNA group!

I was very fortunate to hear a presentation on Dresden Lace last

night ( reason I did not make the officers meeting).  It was very

interesting and quite informative.  Always something to learn!

Ok – off to the MTP meeting!  See you all later………

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