Heidi’s Post from Last Night


Brought to you by Rosie, due to technical difficulties!

Heidi’s Post:

Today started early.  I left my Room at 7:50 to go to my car four blocks away and pay cash for the next two days.  I knew I would not be able to get lost in stitching until I had settled that.  It started to rain as I ran back, but I figured it didn’t matter because the rest of the day was about being inside or in Andalucia.  We covered seven new areas.  I stitched on six of them and finished three.  I have such respect for Joni Stevenson as I stitch this canvas.  It is so well thought out.  I love the subtlety of colors and stitches contrasted with hot colors and muted with layers of cool colors.  This canvas I will work on once I return to NJ.  I have learned so much from her.  I might even check out her blog, which is a huge venture for me.

Progress on Andalucia — End of Day 2!

At lunch I finally touched base with my husband in Aspen.  Then back for an afternoon of stitching.  After class I went to the officers’ meeting.  I was the only one there from NJNA.  Thank heaven I took my canvas to work on while I waited twenty minutes for the meeting to start.  Then twenty minutes of info and questions for the security of ANG.  Get real ladies, you are in a city.  I then tried to go to the exhibits but they closed at six and I was ten minutes late.  That is my project for lunch time tomorrow.  So I cleaned up my canvas while I listened to the news and then met Rosie and Anne Carol from St. Louis, who is in Rosie’s class.  We went to an Italian place across the street while Sue was at the Cyberpointers meeting.  It was wonderful to get a new perspective from Anne Carol about chapters and stitching.  Now it is time for bed.  What a good day!


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