My free day at Seminar


As many of you know, I was in Philly on Saturday and Sunday for a wedding, which was fabulous!!  Sunday morning after the brunch, my husband was willing to walk over to Seminar with me to check out the shopping and exhibits.  The shop is outstanding – I’ve been wanting to get to Rittenhouse for a while but always seem to end up in Philly on days when they are closed.  The number of different fibers was amazing – my husband had no idea how many different types of fibers there were; he gave up asking after the first few!  I had a specific thread I wanted  (a light brown Sea Grass) for a small section of my piano piece – they didn’t have a lot of the Sea Grass; however I still found what I wanted.  When I go on Wednesday, I’m going to take a painted canvas I have that I’m going to make for my future daughter-in-law so I can at least start to kit it given all the amazing fiber options.  Supposedly, they have even more at their shop.  And the staff were wonderful, asking if I needed help but not bothering me.

I did get to meet up with Sue C and Rosie.  Rosie had to go off to class while Sue, my husband, and I checked out the exhibit area.  The exhibit area is small but packed full of finished projects.  I have to go back on Wednesday to check out the Independent entries because they all have write-ups on what the creator thought or was trying to do.  The 2013 seminar projects have several I’m eager to do if I can only get to Anaheim!  A friend from college is going to be teaching a fabulous evening bag so that was fun to see.

I’m looking forward to Wednesday, taking my class and just experiencing the whole atmosphere.  In just the few hours I was there today, I spoke to so many people who all share our love of needlepoint.  The energy and enthusiasm is really encouraging.

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