Day One – Andalucia


Today was my first day of joni Stevenson’s Andalucia. What a fabulous day of stitching. The canvas and colors are far more beautiful than the catalogue picture appears. I am so happy with my choice. I sent a picture of my canvas after the first day to Rosie, with hopes she may be able to post it here. Time disappears while stitching. Three hours passed without a thought of time when Sue and Rosie appeared to go out to lunch. I was conflicted because I was so involved with my canvas I just wanted to tie up lose ends. But the break was good. We went across the street to the market place where whatever you like to eat, you can find. We each had different lunches from different vendors. After three more hours of class I ran off to my room to get a handle on my disorganization. And tuck my tails. I have now finished three of the six areas we covered today and I got my threads organized.
At the welcome dinner, the highlight was a guest speaker who spoke about her experience and pursuit of unfinished canvases. She even buys them on the Internet. Then she finishes them with white thread. It creates very interesting effects. She was quite amusing as well as thought provoking. I’m now exhausted, and should call my husband, but probably won’t.

At the end of Day 1

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