Another Finish


For the past month I’ve been working on Toni Gerdes’s “Klimt Kimono” through CyberPointers, and I finished it yesterday! It was fun to stitch…the most difficult part was keeping track of the floss threader, the re-purposed tool for getting the gold gimp thread used for the tree branches through enlarged holes in the canvas. 🙂 I dropped it several times and thought I was in trouble, until I discovered that a flashlight helped to locate it against the dark tweedy background of the carpet where I was stitching.

I have a partially-finished Wright Kimono in my stash, and I’m going to be doing the O’Keeffe Kimono as part of the virtual ANG Seminar, so I guess I have to stop saying that “I’m not really a kimono person”!


Another SOTM May Finish


Jacqui is one of our remote members and we usually see her only when she is in town to visit family. Our Zoom stitching sessions allow her to join us each month. She is stitching her SOTM project using Watercolours Almond and Creamsicle (gold) and Cinnabar and Cardinal (red). They look so rich!



Happy Stitching!


Stitch of the Month – May 2020


Although we are still staying at home, the NJNA SOTM group is meeting via Zoom and making progress on this year’s project. Most of us are stitching ANG’s Stitch of the Month – an 8-pointed star by Kathy Rees reminiscent of a traditional quilt block. Each point of the star is a different stitch; the last four months of the year will cover the background.

All those who are stitching the project agree that the size of the project makes it very manageable for stitching each month. Since we all have other projects to work on, this SOTM allows for group stitching without a huge time commitment. The beginners among us are learning new stitches and the more advanced stitchers are refreshing themselves on how thread selections affect the look of a stitch.

Kathy’s model is stitched in reds (Watercolours Cinnabar and Cardinal) and blues (Watercolours Indigo and Polar Ice). Watercolours Caron Collection is a three-ply hand-dyed cotton thread with one ply equivalent to #5 pearl cotton. Other threads being used are Silk Lamé Braid, Petite Very Velvet, Mandarin Floss, and Neon Rays.

Several stitchers in the group have chosen Kathy’s colors and threads for their pieces. However, they do not all look the same! It’s really amazing how dye variations and thread travel paths affect the look of a piece.

Brenda, Janice, and Dee have all chosen the original colors and threads.







Of course, our group just loves to change colors and threads, and we select our annual projects with that in mind. We’ve come up with some other lovely combinations. Unless otherwise noted, the overdye threads are Watercolours.

Jill chose Celadon and Emerald for her greens and African Sunset and Weeks Dye Works Begonia for the pinks.



Tina’s grays are Quicksilver and Dense Fog while her blues are Silver Blue and  Blueberry.




Diane is stitching a variation of the original colors, using Williamsburg and Polar Ice for the blues and Williamsburg and DMC 814 Dark Garnet for the reds.



Robin is also using Williamsburg, along with Ticking, for her blues with Almond and Apricot Blush for the green/beige.



Rosie chose yellows – Creamsicle and Papaya – along with grays – Granite and Dark Suede.



Nancy is using Grape and Fuschia along with Hudson Bay and Elderberry Wine.



Ellen chose African Violet and Iris for her purples with Blue Lagoon and Tropical Seas for the blues.



Linda is using African Violet and Amethyst for the purples and Wasabi and Guacamole for the greens.



It is amazing how different the projects look depending on the variation in the individual threads as well as the contrast between threads. Some stitchers manipulated the threads to get a mirror image within the point.

We’re looking forward to the June stitch and checking in with each other. Additional photos will be posted on this blog as others in the SOTM group complete their pieces.

Happy Stitching!


Another COVID Finish


This piece is David McCaskill’s “Warmth of Color” that appeared in the January/February 2020 NeedlePointers. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to stitch it, and immediately started gathering supplies…good thing! Orange isn’t usually my favorite, but for some reason this just called out to me.

It’s been a lot of fun to stitch (a good companion to my operas 🙂 and I’ve learned some things. I’d never stitched on dyed canvas before, so that was interesting…Had to really pay attention when putting the canvas on the stretchers to make sure I didn’t stretch it out of whack…and had to be careful of my tension when stitching.


Three pieces started, three pieces finished!

Finally Caught Up on SOTM 2020


Despite a late start, rethinking of my colorway and threads, and taking over as babysitter/preschool teacher for the past 2 weeks, I have finally caught up on the 2020 SOTM.  I’m using stash and the same overdye in both colorways since it has both blue and burgundy.  I was surprised I was able to find everything I needed in my stash.

IMG_0259 2

Diane’s thru April

I’ve been able to stitch a little during “quiet time” and was very happy when my grandson wanted to sew with me.  He made presents for his mom and his dad and has started one for himself.  Fortunately I had cleaned up enough to locate some plastic canvas and a large needle!


Stay healthy and keep stitching.