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Commander’s Palace!


Hi Everyone!

I’m a day late in writing this post, but yesterday was a bad computer day when two of my three accounts stopped working.  By some miracle of cyberspace, they are all happy today!

So yesterday was my second day in “At the Beach” with Gail Stafford.  Despite missing two hours of class for conference calls, I think I made pretty good progress.  Gail was very understanding and walked me through what I missed.   If I hadn’t had the calls, at least part of the beach towel thrown over the left chair would have been stitched!


So this post gets its name from the restaurant where Carol made reservations for our whole NJNA contingent.  Cathryn had told Carol that this was one of the best restaurants in NOLA.


Carol heard that the shrimp remoulade was awesome, but it was only available on the tasting menu.  So, Carol asked and the chef agreed to make an exception; so three of our group ordered that.  I had a heirloom tomato salad with local ricotta and a basil sauce — it was so good that I used my bread to sop up every last drop!  For dinner I had the pecan crusted local gulf fish (sheepshead) in a saffron sauce with champagne-poached crab on top!


Is your mouth watering yet?

As we were getting into our taxi, a parade of lighted bicycles went by!  It was highly reminiscent of our first seminar in Philadelphia when we had the naked bicycle parade!  Apparently this is an every Tuesday and Thursday night occurrence in NOLA.  The picture is a bit blurry, but you get the idea!


Tomorrow is tour day — always my favorite day at seminar!  Sue and I have signed up for a tour of two plantations.  Stay tuned!

Cheers, Rosie

At the Beach!


Hi Everyone!

Today I started a new piece called “At the Beach!” with Gail Stafford.  Wouldn’t you know that I had to paint again?  This time it was with acrylic paint and brushes.  Luckily, I tom-sawyered the teacher into using my canvas as an example.  It looked gorgeous until I took over to finish it.


You will see that tonight I have many loose threads on my canvas — also known as spaghetti.  I think I’ll try to tackle some of that before morning.

Sue, Heidi, and I had a delicious lunch at Cafe Allegro — directly across the street from the hotel.   Tonight, most of my peeps will be attending the Cyberpointer Chapter meeting and I’ll be on my own.

I don’t think anyone wrote about last night’s opening banquet.  It definitely had a New Orleans flavor to it.  During happy hour, we were serenaded by a jazz band who then led the “Parade of Stitches” into the banquet hall.  Dinner was Chicken Gumbo with Louisiana Rice, Smoked Chicken, Sweet Potatoes and Roasted Squash, and King Cake Ice Cream.

I got separated from the NJNA group and ended up sitting with Tina, Melita, and Brenda.  Both Brenda and Melita won awards in the judged exhibit pieces.  Melita won a first prize in the Original, Non-Professional category for “Festive Fireworks”.  Brenda received second place in the Independent, Non-Professional category for her “Rose Swirls”!  Pamela Harding, designer of Serengeti, was also at our table — so I am convinced that I stumbled onto the Rock Star table!

Next year’s Stitch of the Month project is on display in the exhibit and I’d say that it is another winner!

Cheers, Rosie