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Stitch of the Month 2015


I’m making progress on Ruby Razzle Dazzle.  The smyrna ribbon outlines are complete and I’ve started working on the star points between the oval petals.

The instructions say that you’re supposed to put in the star points before the ribbons, but I gave up because I could not figure out how to orient them correctly.  It was much easier after the ribbons were done.


And although I never seem to finish anything, I am looking forward to starting SOTM 2016.  See everyone soon!

November SOTM


Linda and Nancy came to Stitch of the Month on Saturday, which I hosted for the very first time.  Unfortunately, Nancy left before the pic so below is Linda’s (top) and mine (bottom):


Nancy did kindly bring me mums, and I managed to get them into the ground before a freeze along with some irises:


Mouline Rouge by Long Dog Samplers


Hi everyone,

I am new to contributing to the blog and am also just getting back to needle pointing again after a short hiatus.  In the meantime, here is a pic of an old cross stitch project back when it was still in progress:

Mouline Rouge 02/25/08

Despite the fact that I have more UFOs than finished and framed projects, this one is actually done and hanging in my living room: