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What’s Happening at NJNA 6/4/22


This month our needlepoint adventure is Bargello Part II – How Far Did You Get?

We will be checking out all the Bargello projects. Is anyone is having difficulty or suggestions for a better experience. We will also see who the turbo stitchers are ! Of course you need to be a member to check all this fun out.

We also have a new workshop starting in July with our favorite teacher – Vicky Witterschein. She just completed all 3 of her NAN certifications – never a doubt we knew she had it in her. She does such pretty projects and this one is Embellished Heart. It includes beading, laid filling stitches, ribbons, etc. The suggested finishes are a sachet, a hanging ornament, pillow, needle book or what ever you can think of. It’s 3 zoom sessions with no stitching to stress about and it will be recorded so you can go back if you have an issue. Get a seat while there are openings – it’s $100 for the kit and 3 zoom classes. (I saw it in person and it is stunning).

Vicky Witterschein – Embellished Heart

Have you been watching all the pomp and pageantry for the Queen of England’s Jubilee? That fly over in the formation of “70” for the number of years she has been on the thrown was amazing. Louie tried to steal the show but it’s all about Elizabeth. Of course that means that the needlepoint world has to celebrate her also. Moore Stitching has some lovely canvases to commemorate HRH.

While on the subject – 150 years ago the Royal School of Needlework was founded. With 20 ladies it opened up above a bonnet shop in 1872 not only to revive the art that had fallen by the way side but for the purpose of providing employment to educated women that would have had to live in poverty without a suitable livelihood. They have come a long way since then and have employed up to 150. They have degrees in embroidery and teach not only in England but the US as well. Check out their web site for some of the amazing things they have created. Royal School of Needlework | Centre of Excellence in Hand Embroidery (

Needlefest for 2023 says they are almost sold out already! Get your tickets now !!! Melissa and Megan from the “Pointing It Out” podcast had a retreat about a week ago. They had 60 spaces and received 212 responses! They did it by lottery to be fair and from the You Tube video it looked like a great event. I am sure the next one coming up November 11 – 13 is already piling up registrations.

Another interesting event coming up is at Stitch By Stitch in NY. They are having a “Stitch A Monogram” evening. Krista from Penny Linn Designs is going to be at the store on September 20th from 6 PM to 8:30 PM. You will be stitching the monogram of your choice on her canvas design of your choice which is all included in the price. Threads are extra. Call the store for pricing 914.834.1886. Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (

Stitch By Stitch NY

While your at Stitch By Stitch check out the latest and greatest self finishing item – a fanny pack! Do you need something to hold your phone while you walk the dog or to make life a bit easier now that we need an extra hand to carry bags into the grocery store? They have several fun canvases that fit in the plastic covered window in the front. Such a neat idea ! Ah – but there is more !! They are also having a sale, buy a canvas and you get 20% off the threads or 20% off the finishing of that canvas. Can you ask for more???

The calendar says summer starts on the 21st – but it’s never to early !!! Chaparral Needlepoint in TX is certainly all ready:

On the other hand… they and many other stores feel this is the time to stitch winter canvases. Chapparal has a new Penguin Club-6 penguins by Danji Designs and they will start shipping in Oct thru March 2023.

one of 6 Danji Designs

The Queen Bee – Ruth Schmuff has paired up with Mary Legallet on a Max and Oscar poster done by Painted Pony Designs. Mary was at the Bee Hive for an embellishment class on this canvas and by the number of threads it has to be terrific. Now to make your choice that much harder Mary Legallet also did another class and stitch guide of a Christmas Angel – flip a coin – one is prettier than the next.

PLD Designs has some great looking new designs – something for all tastes not to mention seasons. The jars just are so iconic for the winter season.

If you would rather stitch summer during summer (I don’t blame you) then check out Kelly Clark’s Beach combing Country Sampler thru Colonial Needle. You have to love the colors. So many things you could do with this, so many textures to create.

By Kelly Clark

Tips and Tricks Check out the new labels for Kreinik – hopefully this makes it easier yet there is no color coding for size – win some…. lose some.

Some sage advice from Louise’s Needlework about what to pack when your getting ready for a trip and you bring your needlepoint with you (like you wouldn’t?!?!?)

Who was that Famous Stitcher? None other than Mary Queen of Scots. During her 18 and a half years of imprisonment she stitched day and night to pass the time. Some of the embroidered panels are still in existence. V&A · The Prison Embroideries Of Mary, Queen Of Scots (

Who is this Famous Stitcher ?????

Lauren Bloch Designs

What’s Happening at NJNA 5/21/22


This week was our monthly meeting and our guest speaker was the renowned Laura Smith. She spoke on the “Seven Ways of Color Contrast”. So much to know to help you design a better looking project. Laura Smith is one of the teachers at the “EGA Broadway Bound” seminar and she spoke on the project being offered there as well as many others that she has used for teaching in the past. Lots of new things to consider the next time you plan out what you are doing on your canvas.

Laura Smith Design

Next month should be VERY interesting – it’s the “Part Two” of the chapter Bargello Project. We will be checking out how everyone is doing — or not ! Seeing all the WIP’s should be an eye opener. Of course like the lottery – you have to be in it to enjoy it. Last look we had 54 members and we would love to have more people to enjoy all the fun we are having. Go to our web page and contact us to be a part of a great community of needlepoint enthusiasts.

The new Needle Pointers magazine is being printed and can be viewed online to members. If you thought those Fibonacci Swirls were something (all you Jean Hilton lovers) you will love the new issue. I can’t wait to go thru it !!

May/June Issue

NEEDLEFEST 2022 !!! How much fun was that? It looked like a number of people were not able to make it by the unused name tags on the front table but the ball room and atrium certainly looked well attended. So much to look at, so many people to chat with and if you were not in the right place at the right time to see the feeding frenzy when Trish Vine came in you missed an amazingly controlled yet determined group of women. Trish went home with a lot of empty storage boxes !!! There were also plenty of canvases, hand dyed threads and the other hit of the show was the woman with the magnets – she clearly needs to bring more next year !! Needleworker’s Delight worked tirelessly to make sure everyone had a great time – they did a great job. Next year the event will be held April 15 and 16 (Sat/Sun). Get your tickets and room reservations early!

Did you feel that rumble ??? No, it was not an earthquake – I think it was everyone running to their LNS because they heard that Whimsical Stitches 3 has finally shipped !! If you ordered it way back in the fall of 2021 you should be expecting a call soon that it has arrived.

The Washington DC store “The Point Of It All” is moving. Their doors will close as of May 21 and will reopen on June 1. They are having a moving sale (and who doesn’t like a sale) – looking doesn’t count !

I’m sure everyone heard that Luv 2 Stitch in CA was closing – not so fast – they are starting a new business called Luv2Stitch Finishing Management. Their long time manager Rhonda Pellegrini will be in charge of getting projects finished. I am sure they will be quite busy.

Another business making changes – The Wool and The Floss, after 60 months in business has decided to stop selling knitting supplies. Another sale to be had as she is liquidating all those items in her store. Not to worry though she is staying in business for needlepoint and both Megan & Melissa are having a “For The Pointing It Out Podcast Retreat”. She is hosting over 60 stitchers from 21 states and Canada.

If you missed out on that retreat than consider the Southern Shop Needlepoint Tour. Grab a “Passport” at any of these 8 stores. Spend at least $40 at each store and they will put a stamp in your Passport book. When you complete your Passport it goes into a drawing for a prize. You have from now until October 1 to hit each store and complete your book. ROAD TRIP !!!

We are a week away from everyone’s favorite holiday Memorial Day – the unofficial start to summer. Many plan to go away for the holiday and if you are one of those lucky ones to be traveling then Stitch By Stitch has Passport Covers by Rachel Barri. There are numerous inserts to choose from and convey your style !

Stitch By Stitch in NY

If your headed to the beach some of the cutest new beach canvases are by Pippin. I want the straw hats !!!

Needlepoint For Fun has Pippin kits with everything you need for a quick stitch or for someone that wants to learn !

Let’s not forget the need for a magnet – having sat thru Laura Smith’s talk on color – what better way to always have a color wheel with you than the new item from Accoutrements, and yes it really does work !!!

AND – just when you thought you had seen and heard it all – The new Needlepoint Now has an article on Vegan Taxidermy ! Wrap your mind around needlepointed taxidermy.

Tips and Tricks: Which needle to use??? Here is a guide from the John James web site that will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about needles !! Needles Guide (

Another interesting item – Tesla Amazing Magnetic Notes. Great for if you are following a charted design. These notes have no glue and stay in place by a static charge. They are also dry erasable so if you write on them you can change what you wrote. They come in several sizes and colors. Here is a review: You can buy them from our favorite place – Amazon.

Thank you Brenda’s Blog post and Jane at Chilly Hollow

Who were those Famous Stitchers???? Those women in the painful looking shoes are Nelly’s Needlers ! They are an all volunteer group that have supported Woodlawn for over 50 years! Since 1975 they have raised and donated more than $1 million dollars to help preserve Woodlawn as an historic property. I understand they also make a great ginger cookie too !

Do you know who this famous stitcher is ????

By Judy Tasch

What’s Happening At NJNA 5/7/22


This month we are lucky to have Laura Smith. She will be talking about the Seven Ways of Color Contrast. She is known for her painting techniques and layering stitches to create beautiful designs without counting. This should be an interesting new way to stitch a project for most people. She is also going to be one of many teaching at EGA’s Broadway Bound Seminar this summer. Of course the only way to get to hear Laura Smith will be to join NJNA and experience all the fun and interesting things we do.

Laura Smith’s class at Broadway Bound

The Woodlawn & Pope Leighey House 3rd Annual Virtual Needlework Show is online until May 31st, don’t miss it. This week is a special presentation of “Passing on the Tradition of Needlearts: Community Conversation”.

Just a reminder that ANG has moved:

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and we all know what you would like as a gift for the occasion !! Here are some hints to drop:

Stitch By Stitch in NY is having a special where you buy a gift certificate and they increase the value by 10% – a good deal and you get to pick what you want. They always have great suggestions with all kinds of self finishing items and Grab and Go bundles. Their new class is beyond adorable, Kate Dickerson’s “Llama with Cactus Plant” . The eye lashes and fur are just so pretty !! Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (

Stitch By Stitch class

It just so happens they also have a Trunk Show going on right now with JP Needlepoint. JP Needlepoint has a beautiful compliment to their Chinese Lantern canvas – this time it’s Fans. What a great canvas for embellishment.

JP Needlepoint – “Fans” canvas

The other thing we all love besides a new canvas, be it for Mother’s Day or no reason at all is gadgets !!! Can we have too many ?!?!?! Ruth Schmuff, owner of Bedecked and Bedazzled has some beautiful new laying tools. She has a new artisan making them for her and they look like they are a dream to use.

She also has a colorful new set of accessories that were designed by Kimberly. The collection is called My Gypsy Soul. The set has 6 hand painted canvases and comes with stitch guides.

My Gypsy Soul thru Bedecked and Bedazzled

System 4 announced that they have become an official distributor of the entire Stella Light line. They have an accessory for their stands that allows the Stella light to clamp to their products. We all know how important lighting can be when stitching !!

Another great gift for all of you handbag lovers – Etsy has a store making a cross body bag with a window covered in plastic – perfect to display a canvas. It comes in numerous colors – makes you think there really is a spring season !!!

Etsy cross body bag

Not enough choices for your Mother’s Day Gift you say !!! Well, how about a Yazzii ?!?!? Yes I spelled it right and when you go to the web site you need a cup of coffee and some time as they have so many things to look at ! They have numerous colorful storage and organizing bags. You name the craft and they can organize you or, think outside that box and use their bags in your own way. Yazzii Craft Catalog – US/Canada Yazzii Craft Organizers & Bags

Tips and Tricks: Have you ever had your white background look dirty or stripped?? Some people’s skin can react to the nickel coating on needles – AH HA !!! Try changing your needles to gold or platinum to solve the problem.

Talk about a problem – Chilly Hollow had some BREAKING NEWS !!! Mindy Patterson is selling her store. She has been in business for 48 years and her first grandchild gave her pause as to life priorities. She says she will continue to design and sell her designs even after she retires. I am sure we all wish her well.

It’s already time for this year’s Needlefest !! Next weekend is the annual stitching festival put on by Needleworker’s Delight out of Metuchen NJ. I can’t wait !!! The event has become so popular that they even added a 2nd day this year. I hope to see many of you at this fun event.

Needleworker’s Delight

Who was this Famous Stitcher???? Why our beloved actress Mary Tyler Moore

Do you know who they are????

Everyone enjoy Mother’s Day tomorrow and with luck the rain may let up !!

What’s Happening at NJNA 4-23-22


Who knew there were that many more ways to use your needlepoint?!?!?! This weeks meeting Cathryn finished up her presentation on “Ideas For Finishing Needlepoint”. I was surprised at how many she still had left to show us. She also had a discussion on Bargello to kick off the chapter Bargello project. This project has the biggest turn out for a chapter project – ever! She showed pictures of many of the pieces that people wanted to stitch which showed just how diverse the choices were. In June we will return to the project and see how everyone is coming along. Next month we are having Laura Smith. She will be talking about Seven Ways of Color Contrast. Come join NJNA – you just can’t imagine the fun we are having and you too can be a part of it all.

Last call to see the Woodlawn Needlework Show. It is now available virtually and your ticket purchase allows you to go in any time thru May 31, 2022 You are also given access to the recordings of the other 3 programs they had.

Are you a lover of Kathy Rees designs??? Poppypoint in Charlottsville VA is going to do a stitch a long this summer and the piece they will be doing is Kathy Rees – Zig Zag.

Kathy Rees – Zig Zag

If you are already familiar with Kathy Rees and Toni Gerdes among others then you may want to join in on their new Stitch and Cruise to Hawaii. It takes place starting September 22nd from Vancouver BC…/Dual092222CelEclipseHawaii…

They have some great looking classes you can sign up for – what could be bad????…/HawaiiClassInfoSheet.pdf

She also has new designs on her web site.

Third Coast Stitches is a store that was opened by 2 young women in Chicago. Nice to see a younger generation furthering the craft we all love. They have some very cute small canvases called city mini’s – a very quick stitch !

They are also into Needlepoint Swag – Hurry up before they are gone !!!

I know the latest thing is not to match but I just couldn’t resist – look what you can purchase on Etsy !! There are several merchants that can sell you a pair so you can be style’n !!!

Southern Living Magazine says that Needlepoint Pillows are all the rage. There is an article in the newest edition and it says that our craft is “Trending” !!

Can you hear your mother’s voice??

That time is coming around again – Graduation !! Beehive Needle Arts in Pittsburgh is hosting a local designer trunk show – Lauren Bloch. Check out her web site, she has some different canvases to choose from. She also does custom work – be it your favorite dogs picture or a mortar board remembrance.

Serendipity Needlepoint is having a Needlepoint Treasure Hunt !! Everything happens in a pop – up Facebook Group over 5 days and it’s all about “How To Make All Your Needlepoint Projects Look Fabulous” There are prizes and giveaways – all you do is sign up and check it out and as she says ” The best part?! It’s F R E E

The Wool and The Floss have some beautiful cedar and leather valet tray’s. All are hand crafted in Paraguay and each sale supports a student in grades 7 – 12. The inside of the box is approx. 8.5 X 7 so you can put a piece of needlework in and add glass or acrylic to protect it. They come in several buttery colors. Accessories (

All you Laura Perin fans – It’s BACK !!! Petite Arabesque as a Cyber Class !! There are 4 color ways to choose from if you buy the Full Kit.

Laura J Perin

Colour Complements has a new heart on their blog done in their rich color threads. Very interesting to read how it was stitched:

Check out a new way to use your needlepoint – ON Christmas Balls !! Cathryn, you can add this to the list ! Starke Art has released a series of ornament wrappers. Stitch By Stitch in NY is selling them and when you are done stitching they will send them back to Starke Art for finishing which includes the glass ball. starke art – Stitch by Stitch (

Stitch By Stitch

Starke Art also has the most adorable Lobster Trap’s that are sold thru CBK Needlepoint. What a great item to stitch while on vacation in Maine. Starke Art Designs (

Tips and Tricks:

UGH – have you ever gotten “something” on your canvas while your working on it? Good habits to get into: Wash your hands before you start to stitch – keep wet wipes nearby and make sure your hands are dry before you start again – no eating when your stitching – keep your white threads bagged and separate from all other threads – always stitch white threads first – always store your project in a project bag/tote/light colored pillow case to keep it clean between stitching sessions.

Who was this Famous Stitcher???? This is Iris Apfel. She is a successful businesswoman, interior designer, fashion icon and fascinating women. Check out her life.

Do you know who this is????

Can you believe it?? April 1973

What’s Happening at NJNA 4/9/22


Our members that participated in the “Tale of Two Stitchers” program in February took the show on the road. They gave their talk to the San Bernardino chapter and it was even better the 2nd time around.

This month we will be finishing Cathryn’s program from last month on “Ideas for Finishing Needlepoint” since we ran out of time. We will also be kicking off the chapter bargello project. So many different canvases will be part of this, it will be interesting to see them all together.

If you missed seeing the 2022 Annual Woodlawn Needlework Show – do not fret !!! It will have a virtual showing on their web site starting April 15th ! You will be able to see all the entries but sorry, no cookies !! 2022 Annual Needlework Show Information 2022 — Woodlawn & Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House (

More new canvases are coming out from the Spring Market including a very appropriate one !! This week we missed Deep Dish Pizza Day and National Burrito Day. Let’s not miss today’s celebration of – National Unicorn Day !! (who would have thought !!)

New from the market as seen on PFOS

If unicorn’s are not for you (understandable!) here are some more new canvases from the Spring Market:

House of Needlepoint in CT has a new class for learning stitches – it’s an eclectic tic tac toe board or of course can be made into a pillow, etc. They can get the box you see it in and it has storage for the game pieces. Not your average sampler !

It’s Easter and Passover Time. Easter has way more canvases to choose from than Passover unfortunately but here are a few interesting Easter items that can be added to the stash:

The Two Handed Stitcher has a lovely Laura Perin piece called Easter Egg Hunt. It’s only 8×8 but has to be a fun stitch.

Eye Candy has a free Easter Egg Pattern on her web site that can be dressed up in several ways.

While your there check out her new canvases that make up the most colorful and sweet Easter Train. Would make a great stand up.

Nothing says Spring like robins. Artful Offerings has some very pretty patterns that can be transferred into needlepoint or if you like congress cloth have at it with samplers, purses, folk art, etc.

Artful Offerings

Needlepoint Junction has some exclusive canvases that scream spring. Small stitch items that can be done quickly and they are in you know who’s favorite colors.

Needlepoint Junction Exclusives

Flying Needle in FL is looking for someone to buy her store. In the mean time she is doing business as usual and has needleminders celebrating the Ukrainian Flag that will also help the cause.

In spite of all this talk of spring, and where is it anyway, it’s just never too early to start a Christmas Holiday project. You will need a good head start on this one by Kate Dickerson. It’s an interactive Advent calendar that is sold in a set with 25 ornaments.

All you fans of Ruth Schmuff – she has released her first iStitches book as a digital download!!

Beading Tip: Beadalon has collapsible eye needles. They are supposed to work even with seed beads !! Where can you get them??? Where else – Amazon and I am sure your local craft store may also have them!!

Who was this Famous Stitcher???? Why Eartha Kitt of course !

And who is this Famous person on so many canvases these days??

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday no matter what your celebrating !!

What’s Happening at NJNA 3/26/22


WOW – what a meeting we had. Cathryn did a presentation on “Idea’s For Finishing Needlepoint” – she had so many slides with so many suggestion’s we couldn’t finish !!!! People were commenting that they were going to send in more ideas so her 180 slides will most likely grow !! Who knew there were so many avenues ?!?! She will finish the rest of the presentation next meeting. Next month we will also be kicking off the chapter bargello project. Can’t wait to see what everyone will be stitching along with all those ice cream cones.

The Woodlawn Annual Needlework Show will be over on March 31st. NJNA entered 25 of the 300 pieces on exhibit and took quite a few prizes – 13 in all. Everyone needs to be congratulated for such a strong showing. What will NJNA come up with next year ???

The latest edition of the Needle Pointers magazine by ANG is due any second in your mail box. You can look at it online however and it has some wonderful articles. Don’t forget about the new dues schedule based on your anniversary month. At the end of this year our dues will all be due to be paid at the same time.

While on the subject of magazines – the new Needlepoint Now has an article called Framed Sevens by our own Melita Glavin. An amazing piece to stitch – read how she came up with the pattern.

NEW/OLD – A new shop is opening in Manhattan that is called West Village Knit & Needle. Home | West Village Knit & Needle ( The House of Needlepoint in Darien CT is up for sale. It has been there more than 18 years. We also just heard that Luv 2 Stitch in CA is closing. Dale Lenci has decided to retire. He too has been in business for 18 years. We wish them all well.

The needlepoint world has come to help recognize the dire straits the Ukrainian people are living under in the best way they know how – stitching Sunflowers ! The blog post from Chilly Hollow on 3/24 has a list the length of your arm of various designers that have created canvases with all sorts of things to show support, from flags to sunflowers and more. Check out the list WELCOME to the CHILLY HOLLOW NEEDLEPOINT ADVENTURE ( Jane – glad you got as big a giggle as we did with that list !!

It’s that time of year again !! Time to see what we will be buying next !!! The show had many participants. From canvases to bags to needle minders to Ka-Tzu Kazoo beads & fobs. Melissa Shirley was not a participant this time but does have some new offerings. SO – let’s see some new canvases !!

Let’s start backwards and look at some new things from Zecca:

Stitch Style had some great small items !!

Another favorite is Pippin with those seagulls that make you smile.

Melissa Shirley as usual has timeless canvases:

Jean Smith is not just flowers and Kate Dickerson has some whimsical items:

Eyecandy has the cutest flower carts !

Many of these canvases were seen on Stitch By Stitch of NY ‘s blog Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States ( They are now carrying some new designers and have also started to carry canvases by Tilli Tomas who is the owner of Planet Earth Fibers and leather goods. As always – Alice Peterson doesn’t disappoint !

Tips & Tricks

The Famous Stitchers from Last Time were: Martha Stewart and Sylvia Sydney

Who was this Famous Stitcher????

Fuzzy picture but she was a very famous African American Actress/Singer

What’s Happening at NJNA 3/12/22


So this time, I AM GOING TO BRAG about the talented stitcher’s in NJNA. They showed their creativity and versatility at the Woodlawn Pope-Leighey House 59th Annual Needlework Show. There were many ribbons won on the entries from our guild, which will be revealed when the show goes virtual in April. However, posted on their web site is a button for “Special Award Winners” and the first one you will see is our own Barbara Levy. She won the Eleanor Curtis Lewis Award for Best In Show for her Eleanor of Aquitaine. Congratulations Barbara !!!!! We also have to give a big thanks to Linda M. for all her coordinating and delivering everything to the show for us.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

A quick welcome to our new member Karen. Glad you decided to join in the fun !!!

Our next meeting is this week and is one we have been waiting for ! Come to the meeting ready to be dazzled as Cathryn is doing a presentation on “Ideas For Finishing Needlepoint”. We all fall into the same rut as to how to finish what we have labored so hard over. Cathryn will have a wide variety of interesting and unique ideas to get you out of that rut. I’ll bet none of her ideas were on that list from the last blog.

Uh Oh – next weekend starts the new market – more to buy and lots of things we never dreamed we needed ! It goes from March 19 thru 20 and we should be seeing dazzling new things shortly.

Next week is also St. Patrick’s Day when everyone is Irish.


Back at one of our favourite locations ☘️ Part 2. Of our #Stpatricksday series 🔥 #creative #fyp

♬ Pict – Talisk

Diversions Needlepoint is having a Limerick Contest. Your entry must be in by 3/31/22 and if chosen you will receive a $25 gift certificate.

The Needlepointer has launched their updated web site. Needlepoint Supply & Accessories Store – The Needlepointer It is still a work in progress but easier to navigate. They also just announced a new monthly club – Funky Pumpkins by EyeCandy. It runs for 7 months of fun and it starts in Sept but there are a limited number of spots. And thank you to EyeCandy for the kind words in your blog about NJNA !!

Funky Pumpkins by EyeCandy

Are you a Lowrey Groupie?? It took me a while and some major enabling but I have to admit, it’s a great stand to work on, especially with the corner clamp. I was looking at the web site because mine squeaks so badly that my husband wants to throw it out the door. Turns out Lowrey has a “Care Kit” to solve that problem. It comes in a drawstring bag with their logo on it to keep everything together. In the bag is a container of their “wax polish” and a brush to apply it with along with an instruction card. You can watch the video below on how to do it.

In poking around Lowrey’s web site I found several other items that are either new or I had just never seen them before. They have a set of parts to take the base and turn it into a table stand. They also have a table clamp and an actual furniture cabinet that the stand is a part of, not to mention the storage. When you have a moment browse their web site, their story alone is interesting. Lowery Care Kit (

I came upon a very interesting tray to hold your stitching items. It’s by the Floss Queen who is also the owner of the store Needle In A Haystack. It looks sturdy and has slots for most everything you would need while stitching along with magnets to hold your needle or other items.

The Floss Queen

Finishing is one of those magical things. We bring our work to the LNS and it disappears, sometimes for an eternity and then most times you get an amazingly finished piece back. BUT, I’ll bet you have some questions to help the finisher make your piece what you expect to get back. has a list of the 5 top Finishing Questions they get and the answers. “Should I add extra rows?” Which kind of ornament do you want? etc.

If you watch or listen to the news each day it’s a good thing stitching keeps us sane. The horror that is unfolding in Ukraine is difficult to watch so DMC is running a fund raiser for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Ukraine Appeal (IFRC). They are offering free patterns that feature the symbols and colors of Ukraine. They will donate $1 for each skein and or hoop that is purchased with a pattern.–l-ukraine-21.html?utm_source=Commonthread+Masterlist&utm_campaign=03ec3308d8-manual_weekly_ukraine_support_US_22_03_11&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3a652561da-03ec3308d8-82805541&ct=t(manual_weekly_ukraine_support_US_22_03_11)&mc_cid=03ec3308d8&mc_eid=89bfbfe018

DMC Free Patterns Fund Raiser for Ukraine

The 2 Handed Stitcher has also offered a pattern free for anyone to copy for a Ukrainian Egg Ornament. She used 18 ct eggshell canvas and #5 Pearl Cotton to create beautiful ornaments that are 2″ wide and 2.75″ tall. She is finishing hers as ornaments to hang in her home and remind herself of all the brave men and women that are fighting for their country.

2 Handed Stitcher Ukrainian Egg ornaments

TIPS & TRICKS: Do you love how it looks to stitch a project on black canvas?? YES! But do you want to do it???? No Way !! Until now ! Give it another try by putting a neon color place mat underneath the canvas on your lap or table. Magic !! The holes are so much easier to see. Check out Amazon for My Drap placemats. They come on a roll that you rip one off to use it. They are washable and reusable cloth. Make sure you look for either pistachio or fuchsia colors for the best effect.

My Drap washable and reusable cloth place mats 17.7″ x 12.6″ 12 to a roll

The famous stitcher’s from last time were: Doris Day. When Doris Day’s estate went to auction one of the items for sale were several pieces of Laurel Burch Jewelry.

Doris Day jewelry

Dr. Irwin Wiliger. The doctor was a staff surgeon at Chicago’s Weiss Memorial Hospital. He was in his 50’s when he saw a woman doing needlepoint at a wake for a friend and he asked her about how it was done. He took a class and eventually joined ANG. He went on to create hundreds of canvases many of which were award winners. Several have been chosen as permanent displays at notable venues like Blair House and the United Way of America’s training center. He said that doing needlepoint relaxes him and would stitch between surgeries. He lived to be 101, read more about him, he was a fascinating man. Dr. Irwin Williger, a surgeon fascinated with needlepoint, dies at 101 – Chicago Tribune

Do You Know These 2 Famous Stitchers:

looks like some bargello being done

Daylight Savings time is Sunday – an extra hour to stitch !!!

What’s Happening at NJNA 2/26/22


If this past meeting wasn’t reason enough to join NJNA I don’t know what is ! Four of our members spoke about participating in the Tale of 2 Stitchers column in Needle Pointers magazine. Not only was it beyond interesting, another chapter has asked them to do it again for their chapter – it doesn’t get much better than that. Just fascinating how each one approached doing their canvas. The detail they presented was wonderful along with the stress and how they made their choices, etc. Everyone enjoyed the program immensely.

If you look at the new issue of Needlepointers they have 4 lovely hearts on the cover. Not that NJNA is bragging or anything but our member Melita, who participated in Tale of 2 Stitchers, did the diagrams of 2 of the hearts for the magazine. In case you don’t know she also has a blog you can follow: Melitastitches4fun’s Blog | A place to share my needlepoint and connect with other stitchers. Melita is also not the only member with a needlepoint blog !! Brenda’s blog is always interesting to follow along with her stitching progress. Brenda’s Needlepoint Studio (

Jan/Feb 2022 Issue

The ANG Auction is coming to a close this weekend. Put in your bids before it’s too late !!

A friend sent me something that will make you giggle for days. She was cleaning and found a book from 1973 called “The Crewel Needlepoint World”. The book has a list of potential needlepoint projects:

REALLY – A Toilet Seat Cover ?!?!?!?

I can’t imagine what they were thinking when they made this list ! On the other hand – next month Cathryn will be doing a program, “Ideas for Finishing Needlepoint”. I am sure we will all be treated to more interesting ideas on how to use our favorite craft than what is on this list !!

The following month starts the chapter project – a Bargello of your choice. Many of us are doing an Ice Cream Cone that was in a 2003 edition of Needle Pointers magazine. This will mean that we have to transfer the pattern given in the magazine on to the canvas. Probably the easiest way to accomplish this is with a light box. This will be my first time using one (Thank You Amazon) and as I think about it there are other times when this item will come in handy. I am thinking of using it to put my initial on canvas for a needlepoint key chain. It’s an easy way to create your own canvases. It is also good under your canvas when your stitching with black thread (I dread that thought!) Can’t wait to try it.

Stores are changing left and right. There is a new shop in Winston-Salem called Time to Stitch. Wellesley Needlepoint in MA was sold to Stitch Boutiques. Cabbage Row was bought by Needlepoint.Com. Wool and Grace in Summit NJ is celebrating 9 years in business but the interesting one to watch is The Needle Pointer! They are about to change their web site and it’s scheduled to go live on 3/1. They also do a “shop walk” video and their new one shows their newest club called Lanterns up close. To see it stitched is quite different from just looking at the canvas, worth a look.

So many new things are also coming as there is a new market taking place in April. Sneak peaks are showing up – like we don’t have enough to stitch !!!

Jen Laine canvas contact Stitch By Stitch in NY

New kits and clubs – KC Needlepoint has an adorable Halloween witches hat –

KC Needlepoint

Ridgewood Needlepoint has a Fall Hearts Club with canvases by Melissa Shirley.

Melissa Shirley club thru Ridgewood Needlepoint

Eye Candy has a free chart you can download – so pretty when finished.

Eye Candy

The Needlepoint Club House in MO is doing a beautiful class with Laura Taylor – Hydrangea Path – her hair alone makes me want to sign up !!

Needlepoint Club House class

Snow bird’s are in the right place for some of the new Needle Minders at Absolutely Needlepoint !!

Can’t decide between the Sea Horse or the group of Flamingo’s !!

BAD NEWS – Silk & Ivory White is MIA !! GOOD NEWS – Kreinik is working on using only one size spool with better labeling. This should help get the backlog of fiber from them back on the shelves in your LNS.

Tips N Tricks: Do you know how much thread you need for a project?? Of course it depends on your tension but if you basketweave, it will be between a yard and a half to 2 yards per inch on 13 count and approximately a yard and a quarter per inch on 18 count. Now do the math!

The Famous Stitchers from last time were: Mary Martin (Larry Hagman’s mom AKA J R Ewing) and Taylor Swift.

Do you know these 2 Famous Stitchers?

Come join the fun, become a member of NJNA and be a part of our fun needlepoint adventure.

What’s Happening at NJNA 2/12/22


This coming week is going to be so interesting. We have 3 of our members that are going to discuss being a part of “A Tale of 2 Stitcher’s”. They each have been included in that monthly column in the ANG Needlepointer’s magazine. I am sure they have stories to tell about the decision to make the commitment and the process to come up with the stitches and threads used to complete the project.

I was stitching and listening to the TV. I had the HGTV series “Home Town” on since I have so little experience with construction – lol! The couple were redoing a home that a previous owner, for what ever reason, decided to make a large needlepoint and use it as a back splash behind her stove. I am still shaking my head at that one. Erin being the kind person she is, carefully took the piece, had it cleaned and had it made into a pillow for the woman that grew up in the house. I would never suggest using your needlepoint for a back splash BUT next month Cathryn C will be talking about numerous ways to use your projects besides pillows and framing.

Home Town S6 E3

The holiday representing all things related to love is this Monday. The ladies in the San Diego chapter call it “Galentine’s Day” – how ever you celebrate there are all sorts of sales and freebies for the occasion. A name new to me is Tanja Berlin and she has free patterns in blackwork on her web site – very pretty!!

Berlin Embroidery blackwork hearts patterns

The Flying Needles shop in FL for the month of Feb will include with your purchase of $100 or more a free heart magnet.

The Point Of It All has Eye Candy as the Trunk Show with all those bright colors The Point of It All (

February is also National Embroidery Month – read about the history of the holiday along with other interesting facts on the web site. NATIONAL EMBROIDERY MONTH -February 2022 – National Today You can also go to the DMC web site where they are celebrating with free patterns and 15% off on Floche.

I just discovered that the store Gone Stitching has their own line of thread – Twinkle Gems. Twinkling Gems Thread Kit – Gone Stitching DebBee’s Designs has created a counted canvas just to showcase this thread.

DebBee’s Designs Twinkle Gems counted canvas

Another interesting thread is the Legacy Collection by Threadworx. It’s a hand overdyed hairy thread. Great for hair, animals etc. Welcome to ThreadworX –

New from System 4 – the Travel Mate Carry Bag (thank you Jane!) Not only does it look well made to stand up to abuse but it has a separate pouch for the clamp. Needlework System4 Stands and Holders

Before you know it Needlefest will be here, ANG’s seminar will be in Tuscon and EGA’s seminar will be in Manhattan – among other events. Not that we are getting old but congress cloth can be a challenge at any age. Check out this magnifier with LED lights in 2 strengths and 5 interchangeable lenses. Light weight, no batteries and we can all look like something out of a Spielberg movie !! 5 Lens Loupe Eyewear Magnifier With Led Lights Lamp Interchangeable Lens –

On an historical note I am sure we would all have had FOMO for the Louise’s All In One Sewing Stand. The attached article just goes to show how inventive women have been all along even if they had many extra hurdles to deal with.

Louise’s All In One Sewing Aid – she even figured a way to put her name on it !! Good Marketing !!

Tips and Tricks Have you ever had a thread come lose on the back of your project or used your thread down to the inch and needed to secure it ??? Try using Floss Threaders – thanks to Michelle Parlier on Needlepoint Nation and Cathryn C for sending me this tip.

The Famous Stitchers from last time were – Ann B. Davis & Julie Nixon Eisenhower

Do you know these 2 stitchers?

What’s Happening at NJNA 1/29/22


This past meeting we had an incredible talk given by Susan Hoekstra on color theory. Who knew there was so much to know. Clearly she loves the subject and had so many interesting avenues to explore dealing with color combinations and usages – just fascinating.

Our next meeting will be a panel discussion with four NJNA members that have participated in the “Tale of Two Stitchers” column in ANG’s Needlepointers magazine. The stitched items and the differences between them are so varied that it will be a great conversation.

We have also had several new members join us and the newest being Janet K. Glad you have joined us for all the up coming fun. Speaking of fun, don’t forget to let Cathryn C. know your pick of a bargello project – it will be starting before you know it. NJNA will provide canvas for the project so she will need to know in advance what you have chosen to stitch on and color !! Have you seen the Ice Cream cone that Sue C. decided on? I think she started a revolution with that choice !! Quite a few have followed her lead.

Designed by Debbie Stichler

Of course, if you don’t want to commit to a project of that size then check out Eye Candy Needle Art. Ada has released her Bejeweled Bargello Series Two. 12 charted designs that come in sets of 2 with all the embellishments included. So colorful like her other designs.

Eye Candy Needle Arts Designs

After the last blog, I AM SURE you have all been organizing your stash. Well, I came upon something to help with that, I have attached a home inventory chart for your Kreinik Metalic thread – a quick glance and you can see if you have that spool – somewhere !! Microsoft Word – KreinikHome_MetallicInventoryForm.docx

Rumor Has It (Just love Adele) – that Rainbow Gallery is going to raise the price of their threads !! Check with your LNS if you decide to stock up.

Many have asked if they should be waiting until the end of the year to throw out their orts or use them as a gift for being the first to have the correct answer (LOL). I asked the person I thought would have the answer and yes – thank you Jane – she gave me an article related to this subject. The actual date for this ritual is Feb 8 and it’s an old Japanese ritual called hari-kuyo which translates to the Festival of the Broken Needle. It’s to honor your stitching tools and pray for the future of the art of sewing. On this day you do not stitch. I am not too sure I would follow the disposal method they describe but I liked the idea of it.

New Year – New Color of the Year from Pantone ! Yes – so many purple lovers will be thrilled to see that it is…


The next big holiday on the calendar after Ground Hog Day, Super Bowl Sunday and Pizza Day is – VALENTINE’s DAY !! Stitch By Stitch in NY is having a trunk show of Associated Talents Heart canvases and they also have candy heart boxes to stitch by Lauren Bloch along with other Heart ideas for the holiday. Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (

And let’s not forget to pick up a few needle minders for your canvas !!

There are 2 newer clubs regarding holidays that are about to start – KC Needlepoint has a Shamrock Club – their first time offering a club.

KC Needlepoint

The Needlepointer has a beautiful Lantern Club that goes over 6 months. Each month you get the guide for another section of the canvas – so pretty and colorful.

The Needlepointer

Right along with this Asian theme are the beautiful Dragon Fly boxes by Mindy. Mindy has all kinds of canvases to choose from to insert into these boxes.

Dragon Fly boxes by Mindy

We are not use to getting a “bargain” but if you contact The Stitching Fox in SC they are offering a custom stitch guide for any canvas at the bargain basement price of $25 !!

Stitching Fox Needlepoint in SC

This just in – thanks Jill – ANG’s 2022 seminar registration will not happen on time. More information will be coming.

The Da Vinci Art Alliance in south Philadelphia has a showing of amazing needlepoint tapestries by Rebecca Conviser. After being diagnosed with breast cancer she used needlepoint as her therapy to recover her hand and arm strength.


Do you remember “Pink Hair Set Tape” ?!?!? Women used it to hold their hair in place. Needlepointers found it so helpful to hold stray threads on the back of their canvas out of the way. It was also helpful to grab the small fuzzies left over from when you finish ripping out threads. Well – Fret No More – 3M’s Nexcare has come out with a modern version – it was pink in the 60’s / 70’s and now it is white in the 20’s !!!

The famous stitchers from the last blog were Mary Astor and Joan Blondell.

Can you guess who these 2 are???