What’s Happening at NJNA 4/8/23


The Spring Holidays are here and hopefully everyone is enjoying family & friends !

This month will be exciting at the NJNA meeting, the canvases from Blue Ridge Stitchery will be distributed to those that ordered them. There will also be a discussion on the kind of stitches that will fit the areas Cathryn and Jacqui spoke about last time. Don’t forget to bring your homework to the mtg – no one is going to believe that the dog ate it if you don’t have it. If you decided not to do that project you are encouraged to stitch on your current project like the original idea of a counted piece. And how many counted pieces are you doing????? Or – how many did you plan to do – no pressure !! LOL

The ANG magazine is out for March/April and the Tale of Two Stitcher’s just makes me want to try messy beading. There is another article on the differences between stem stitch and outline stitch.

There is also shown in the magazine two new correspondence courses – one by the amazing Toni Gerdes and the other by the equally talented Janet Zickler Casey. You would have to do both because you can’t pick one over the other. I included the explanations because they explained them best. Both amazing projects.

Spring but for new beginnings and also for new needlepoint clubs. Name a store and they have a new club starting during the year (no, I didn’t let you miss any of them!) BeStitched is starting classes on that beautiful new canvas by Melissa Shirley – The Snowy Day Lady. The first of 3 classes starts the end of July. Such a pretty canvas. https://bestitchedneedlepointshop.com/products/snowy-day-lady-class

The Needlepointer has a new class that has to be fun – Exotic Fans. This 12 month club will start in June. Look as closely as you can, each fan is very different from the others – it has to be a fun project. https://www.theneedlepointer.com/exotic-fansdiv-idclubsubtitleopen-enrollmentdiv/p8502582?cse=nl0401&goal=0_3621358244-8e09974d7a-69343533&mc_cid=8e09974d7a&mc_eid=2e6039e84f

The Needlepointer also has a new club called Slice of Life. This is a 4 or 5 month club – your choice. The 5th month is a tote bag you can attach the other 4 months to. Each part is also a self finishing item and there is a pre-recorded class video you can upload. https://www.theneedlepointer.com/slice-of-life-clubdiv-idclubsubtitleopen-enrollmentdiv/p8502640?cse=nl0408&goal=0_3621358244-d29d7be06c-69343533&mc_cid=d29d7be06c&mc_eid=2e6039e84f

The Stitching Fox has a very appropriate club – The Vixen Club by Danji. Twelve months of Fox canvas ornaments exclusive to The Stitching Fox. https://www.stitchingfox.com/products/12-month-stitch-club-foxes

The Stitching Fox also is showing an array of new notions from Market. From Zip and Stitch to scissors to great new needle minders you have to give them a look !! https://www.stitchingfox.com/collections/notions?sort_by=created-descending

While your perusing notions, check out Chaparral for some interesting new needle minders ! You can never have enough ! https://ndlpt.com/collections/needleminders?page=1

It’s a little late now but…. there is always next year !!! KC Needlepoint has the cutest Easter Basket Name Tags !! What a great idea. A small project, colorful and lasts a life time. Besides, the Bunny wants equal time with the guy in the red suit! https://www.kcneedlepoint.com/collections/easter-needlepoint?sort_by=created-descending&utm_campaign=campaign%3A+Easter+name+tags+%28641c9d5a255b91001b24cc01%29&utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisend&omnisendContactID=61fc368aa1816e00226a532d

The news is everywhere – the iconic Rittenhouse Needlepoint is for SALE !! Russell and Stephen want to move on and are looking for a buyer or buyers. If you have never been it’s an eye full to walk around that store in Philadelphia. They want all offers by 6/15/23. The future will be interesting. My Needlepoint

A new store has opened called Needlepoint Obsession in MA out on Cape Cod. I guess Osterville Needlepoint will have some competition. Needlepoint | Needlepoint Obsession | Mashpee

New – New – New KC Needlepoint just showed that you can now get Pepper Pot silk in 10 yard cards !! Great for smaller projects like the Blue Ridge Stitchery ornaments we are about to start stitching !!! https://www.kcneedlepoint.com/collections/pepper-pot-silk-card?&utm_campaign=campaign%3A+Pepper+Pot+Silk+Cards+%28642740d97793b80014eded7a%29&utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisend&omnisendContactID=61fc368aa1816e00226a532d

Tips and Tricks !!

Who was that Famous Stitcher? That was Devon Nicholson of JP Needlepoint. She has been in the Needlepoint industry since 1985 in a host of jobs. Her creations are full of color and character. She has also written, illustrated and published 2 children’s books.

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is?

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