What’s Happening at NJNA 2/25/23


We had an interesting meeting this month – so many things coming up! You need to be in it to enjoy it !! Come join us as the coming year should be very enjoyable. Those who were interested in learning some new stitches – you were heard. Cathryn and Jacqui put together and interesting project to satisfy your request. They selected 3 ornaments from Blue Ridge Stitchery that are in stock so there are no issues in getting them. You must let Cathryn know by the end of Feb so they can be ordered at a cost of approx $70. A program will be developed going over possible stitches for these canvases and Jacqui is working on a program about finishing an ornament. There you have it – the process from beginning to end ! I am sure it will be fun and dare I say – educational!! Below are the choices of ornaments. Make sure you let either Cathryn or Jacqui know your choice.

Ellen Johnson – Serendipity Needleworks

For the March meeting, come armed with all your questions on the SOTM. Melita G. will be on hand to answer all your concerns. You should also bring your collection of books on stitches as there will be a talk on small stitches in advance of receiving the above canvases. Cathryn will also have a video on finishing an ornament to get you ready for the workshop Jacqui is preparing for later in the year. We will all be very busy!!

It’s almost time to cast your votes for the 2023 ANG National Elections. Voting starts 3/1/23 and you should be getting an email shortly. If you don’t get the email, make sure you renewed your membership so you don’t miss out on all ANG has to offer over the next year.

The Spring Auction is going to be held from March 17 – 20 this year. It’s a bit late because there is no more Auction Frogs! They have pressed into service another piece of software that is supposed to be more user friendly. You will be getting and email with a link to “School Auction” which was developed especially for ANG. Can’t wait to see what is up for auction this time !!

Check out the ANG Distance Learning that is available. Two projects finish registration on Feb 28 so hurry to register. March 1 the Cyber Workshop has something new – Caribbean Sunset by Robin McVey – the picture is stunning and I’ll bet it’s a challenging project.

The February newsletter from our favorite magazine has announced that they are now offering “digital subscriptions” !! No more wondering if it got lost in the mail or a friend got their copy a week before me !!! A great idea. From the email, this second edition sounds like it’s packed with lot’s of interesting articles. You go girls !! https://www.needlepointnow.com/

The “Squad” is at it again – book #2 is about to hit the stores. M’s Canvas House is taking advance orders for “Master Stitches From The Squad” Vol #2. There is a $48 deposit but no final pricing as of yet. If you can’t live without the new book you can call M’s Canvas House to reserve your copy at 859-253-1302. If your in the area, M’s Canvas House has a few openings in some classes being given in April with Meredith, June for the Bernda Stofft Santa and in July with Tony Minieri.

For those looking to learn new stitches go to the web site for Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont NY. They are doing a decorative stitches class using a Penny Linn Designs canvas. The class filled so fast they are doing a 2nd one starting in Sept. Just love the threads alone !! Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com)

Needlepoint .Com has a retreat coming up for the fall in South Carolina at Society Hall. Their newest store is in Charleston SC and their retreat is loaded with things to do. You can meet several designers, 6 trunk shows, a dozen classes, demonstrations and more. Check out the web site – https://needlepoint.com/pages/retreat

Bedecked and Bedazzled is also quite busy with a new 2023 Zecca Retreat – one of the all time favorite designers of Ruth Schmuff. This retreat however can be done from the comfort of your home as it will be over Zoom! This years piece is a moth and Ruth says she see’s lot’s of sparkle! https://bedeckedandbeadazzled.com/product/luna-moth/

Bedecked also has the cutest owl called Ladybug Friends – you just have to smile when you see it. She also has plans to write a guide for a companion piece later in the year – I can’t imagine !!! https://bedeckedandbeadazzled.com/product/ladybug-friends/

Closer to our area Suzie Vallerie of the Enriched Stitch is also having a retreat in April. It looks like an interesting event with lots to learn with a custom stitch guide for your piece. Retreat | The Enriched Stitch

I had a piece about a replacement for Evertites – well – The Needlepointer put out a notice that they just Restocked Evertite Stretcher Bars !! A must have when working on congress cloth. https://www.theneedlepointer.com/evertite-stretcher-bars/p8501039?cse=nl0219&goal=0_3621358244-3fc826d93a-69343533&mc_cid=3fc826d93a&mc_eid=2e6039e84f

The Needlepointer .com

Evertites tend to be heavy so if you are looking for less weight look to Hanna Bass – they have a version of Q Snaps that will hold the thicker canvas and are probably great for smaller projects. Check out their web site as they have lots of interesting items – I love the maps ! https://hannahbass.com/collections/accessories/products/11x-11-plastic-clip-frame

Family Arts Needlework is supporting one of their customers that is a breast cancer survivor. Her name is Jan Christiansen. She is a 32 year breast cancer survivor and she started an organization called “Pink Things” Their mission is to provide support and hope to cancer patients through their journey to survivorship. They provide one “pink hug” at a time by sending small packages of pink things to nominated patients. To nominate someone, please send and email with the persons name, phone number, address and your name to PinkThingsOrg@ gmail.com.

Stitch By Stitch never disappoints – here are some new canvases from the Atlanta Spring Market to look forward to. You can see more on their web site along with all the upcoming events (and there are many!) Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com)

The last blog I mixed up Rachel’s and wrote the beautiful handbags were by Rachel Donley when they were actually by Rachel Barri !! Both have fabulous pieces to choose from – my apologies ! Here are some of Rachel Barri’s design :Rachel Barri Designs – Rachel Barri Designs Inc.

And here are some wonderful designs from Rachel Donley. You can’t lose no matter which Rachel you choose ! Rachel Donley Needlepoint Designs – stitch-painted canvases

Tips and Tricks: I was stitching the other day and no matter what I did – when I stranded my thread it looked like Albert Einstein’s hair !! The dry air has created so much static electricity it’s difficult to get your thread in place. I looked it up and found that a thread conditioner such as Thread Heaven is the answer. It’s a synthetic silastic polymer not wax based or petroleum based. These 2 items attract dirt and dust not to mention leaving a sticky coating on the thread. Read up more on this product before you try it. How to Use Thread Conditioners (thesprucecrafts.com)

Who was that Famous Stitcher? That was Chottie Alderson ! She was the author of a series of five needlework books “Stitchin With Chottie” She is very famous for Chottie’s Plaid. She taught for many years in America, Canada, England and Australia. Her motto was “If it isn’t fun, it isn’t needlepoint.”

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is?

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