What’s Happening at NJNA 1/28/23


The January meeting was a reminder that we are financially ready to start a new year of fun but to be part of that fun it’s time to pay dues ! We are not the only organization with this dreary task at this time of year. Remember to send in your dues for ANG national as well. ANG is also about to email out tax donation letters for 2022 shortly.

We have 2 co-VP’s of membership – Jean J. and Julie V. – welcome aboard. If you have any membership questions they will be glad to answer them, including about dues !!

There is also the house cleaning issue of the Chapter By-Laws. They have been reviewed, cleaned up and approved by national. Shortly they will be mailed to all members to be voted on in March. Please look them over before voting and if you have any questions please direct them to Linda M.

We also had a more in depth talk by Melita Glavin on her stunning creation that was picked by ANG to be the Stitch Of The Month (SOTM). Such a beautiful design – it’s hard to decide on which colorway to choose. Cathryn C. spoke about the guild year long project – stitching a counted piece. She had quite an array of choices to get inspiration from – so many yet so little time !! She would like to know what you will be stitching by the end of the first week in Feb. Can’t wait to see the progress over this year. And how many will you be stitching?????

Is there ever enough color in our lives???? Of course we all need a little yellow in our stitching projects but now Pepper Pot has 29 New Colors ! Check with your LNS for the newest ones or go to Pepper Pot and check them out-Pepper Pot – 29 new Pepper Pot colors added | Planet Earth Fiber

Planet Earth also has a handy looking small snap wallet which can be purchased as a kit. Check your LNS – great for when you are doing quick errands and don’t want to be weighed down.

The Needlepointer’s web site is having a stitch and save for this week only on Planet Earth self finishing items and those ultra light Walker Bags. Hurry for their 15% off savings – today may be the last day. https://www.theneedlepointer.com/needlepoint/stitch-n-save?cse=nl0123&goal=0_3621358244-b874b721d8-69343533&mc_cid=b874b721d8&mc_eid=2e6039e84f

If you like those adorable retro travel tags by Hedgehog – they also have leather tags for self finishing. New to their line is a swivel snap leather clip which can be purchased alone. The regular buckle version can be changed to the snap. They also have a kit version so you can get the canvas you have been wanting along with the leather tag. Look thru their selection – they are always adding new locations and you have to love the one’s that say Mistletoe and North Pole. https://hedgehogneedlepoint.com/

While checking out Hedgehog they also have another way to get a free canvas called “Give A Damn – Canvas For a Good Cause”. If you provide a receipt for a minimum donation of $50 to specific causes you will receive a Give A Damn Retro Travel Tag for free. https://hedgehogneedlepoint.com/collections/singles/products/give-a-damn-retro-travel-tag-stitch-printed%E2%84%A2%EF%B8%8F-needlepoint-canvas

Blue Dogwood’s web site has Cyber Stitch Guide Projects that can be bought as a kit. The one that caught my eye was called Mountain Vista. Great color combination – the purples and greens are lush looking. The interesting part is the thread being used in the kit – it is bamboo. It’s from South Africa and is made and dyed by hand. Vinni Nielson started the company in 2004 and has grown out of her kitchen and finally into a factory building. You go girl! Vinnis | About (vinniscolours.co.za) Read her story and then check out the Blue Dogwood site for interesting gallery items and canvases. https://bluedogwooddesigns.com/

Recently I started a project on Congress Cloth and soon found that it stretches as you work on it. I was told to try Evertite Bars. They were great but are hard to find. Evan Burroughs is either way behind in production or has stopped making them. I came across a possible substitute – “Adjust A Frame”. Ridgewood Needlepoint recently announced that they are carrying them. They may be something to check out in the store to see how they work.

The weather lately is not seasonal – and I am not complaining about that !! This is the time of year however, to start seeing what is new for Spring. Hold on to your wallets, the Nashville needle market is in March. Some sites are already showing new canvases including Atlantic Blue. https://www.atlanticbluecanvas.com/collections/spring-2023?_kx=_6T6ZEqw3FzRTyL6whjCxpBoWNmvx7M7ogeQHpVHlzk%3D.SdsruM They have some really nice lighthouse and golf canvases along with a Florida Lobster that almost looks too real. The unique canvas though is a “Pickle Ball Court” !!

Look what is new from Eye Candy – Ada has been busy !!! New hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day, the adorable Peeky Kitty, Candy Carts and much more to look at. http://www.eyecandyneedleart.com/EyeCandy_Needleart/EyeCandy_Needleart_Catalog/Pages/Whats_New.html

Who was that famous stitcher? That is the very creative Vicky Witterschein. She works in the Edwardian Needle and has an amazing sense of color. Last year she received her NAN certification and has been designing and giving classes.

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is?

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