What’s Happening at NJNA 12/17/22


Our next meeting will be this coming week – Wednesday December 21st at 7 PM. What a tough time of year to have a meeting! So many people are heading out for the holidays so it will be another “stress free” meeting with elections along with the usual business meeting and Show and Tell. For the holiday we will have a Trivia Challenge and to start off the New Year, Cathryn will be speaking about the 2023 Counted Canvas Projects.

A reminder that our After the Holiday Luncheon will be on January 7 at the Grain House in Basking Ridge. If you have not paid yet, please do so ASAP. If you have not signed up and want to attend, please contact Cathryn to see if there is room left.

Woodlawn Needlework Show is approaching very quickly. They are celebrating their 60th year and as usual NJNA is a supporter of the event. Please register the pieces you plan to exhibit now that registration is open and bring them to either the Holiday Lunch or the January Chapter meeting on January 18. If you can’t make either of those dates, please contact Linda M to arrange for a meeting place. Let’s see how many ice cream cones we can hang on their walls !!

ANG met their goal !! And then some !!!!

Dues for ANG can be paid now on the web site for 2023. If you need to pay in another form they will have all the information you need. NJNA dues are to be paid during the month of January for the year 2023. We now accept Zelle or you can mail a check to Rosie.

The 2023 Stitch of the month has been revealed and the designer is our own Melita Glavin. She will be talking to us about it at the January 2023 meeting. She will also be coming to our Holiday Luncheon and she promised to bring the finished colorways so we can all see them and decide which one we want to do. It’s so much fun having celebrity designer’s as part of the guild. The first month’s instructions along with the list of threads needed will be released January 2nd on the ANG web site.

So – a couple of blogs back I asked you if you are a member of Cyberpointers ! They have several projects under Meeting Programs I liked and in particular the “Corners and Curves”. I opened the explanation and the leader is Terri Sanders but this is actually a Lorene Salt design. The best part of this one is – it’s free !! You just need to register starting January 15th. They show 3 colorways. I will be first in line !!! CyberPointers – The Internet based chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild

Want something different for the holiday’s??? Ask for a seat at M’s Canvas House in November 2023. The “Squad” is coming back from Nov 2-5 2023. If you always wanted to have a class with either Suzanne, Tony or Meredith here is your opportunity to get 3 for 1. M’s asks that you call the store to sign up at 859-253-1302.

Looking for a more relaxed way to get together and stitch with fellow stitcher’s? Check out Atlantic Blue Canvas. They have a Live Events section on their web site. Earlier in December they had an event in both NYC and Hoboken NJ. If your a snow bird you might want to join the fun on Delray Beach on Dec 29th. The picture alone makes you want to try it out. Products – Atlantic Blue Canvas

One of everyone’s favorite to stitch with is Kreinik and they are discontinuing 2 colors from their holographic line. The numbers are 012L and 026L. If you are using them for a project make sure you have enough as they can no longer get the raw materials needed to make them. Also, those lovely Premax Scissors are going up in price starting 1/1. Look at Kreinik’s web site for all the styles and then ask your LNS to order them if they don’t already have them. http://www.kreinik.com/shops/Premax-R-Scissors/

Can’t get your stitched item finished in time for the holiday – check out Beth Ganz Designs for self finishing items that are different. The web site has not only several interesting options but a video to show you how to do it.Home (bethgantzdesigns.com)

If you own a Turtle Bag you know about how easy it is to put a piece of needlepoint in the opening – no finishing required. Designers are finally catching up on these bags and creating designs that are made for the opening !! Check out Colors of Praise – when you go to the main web page they have Fall 2022 New Designs – there you will find a category for Turtle Bag Inserts. Such colorful designs to choose from. I am sure that other designers will be showing this size canvas very soon. https://colorsofpraiseneedlepoint.com/

It’s definitely a bit late for this year to do an ornament – unless your a turbo stitcher !! Maybe it’s easier to just get a head start on next year. The Needlepointer has a pretty 12 month club called “Mini Baubles”. It doesn’t start until March so you have some time but don’t wait too long or it will be like groundhog day all over again !! Club – Mini Baubles (Limited Seats Available) | Needlepoint Canvases & Threads | The Needlepointer Store – $149.95

If you want to just do some small items and not commit to a club check out Pippin – they have some new small designs and as always they are just too cute. Love the straw hats but I think the crowns fit the bill better !! LOL

Then there is the always wonderful gift card ! Family Needlework is having a deal – Buy $100 gift card and get $120 !! A bargain for sure. https://familyartsneedlework.com/collections/gift-certificate?goal=0_94f8f95c9c-45e83fe987-471272985&mc_cid=45e83fe987&mc_eid=12872b76d6

I was looking thru the Chilly Hollow web site and as usual Jane is on top of things – sadly Wollman Designs is going to retire BUT she says she may move on to something else so we should watch to see what she does !! She is giving ample warning as she is closing down in Nov 2023. If you have never seen her fabulous creations check them out. She takes out dated needlepoint and reuses it to create beautiful one of a kind pumpkins and acorns. smWollman Designs

Tips and Tricks Everything you ever wanted to know about needles by John James company. There is definitely more than I ever thought about. It also gets “Right To The Point” ugh !!! Needles Guide (jjneedles.com)

Who Was That Famous Stitcher? That handsome guy is David McCaskill. He has been designing and teaching needlepoint for more than 30 years. He will be doing a canvas embellishment class in Feb at The Needlepointer in Sacramento CA. Catch an interview with him on You Tube – he is a “stitch” to listen to.

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is??

We are down to the wire for the holidays – Kirk and Bradley has the right idea !
Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday – will be back to blog more on 1/14 Have a Happy New Year!

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