What’s Happening at NJNA 11/19/22


This weeks meeting was an overload of information. We are a busy group !!! The most important item was LUNCH!! Please Let Cathryn know if you plan to come to our holiday lunch on Saturday Jan 7th at the Grain House Restaurant. You need to pay in advance and can either send a check to Rosie or Zelle the money. The menu has too many good choices, including desert – tough choice.

In today’s mail was a postcard from Woodlawn. This year is their 60th Annual Needlework Show. We are always a big supporter and they are already accepting submissions starting on Dec 15th. What are you going to send in?

ANG had their annual meeting and if you couldn’t attend via zoom, the entire meeting was recorded and will be on the web site for everyone to check out. Finally, ANG has posted pictures and descriptions of what is being offered at this year’s seminar in Atlanta. Check out the online booklet to see what you want to take: https://online.fliphtml5.com/bjsk/esme/#p=1

Sue C. is still collecting ornaments for the Festival of Trees exhibit. The theme this year is “A tree for all seasons and places” Ornaments of places and holidays all year long would be appreciated !

The December meeting will be exciting as we will be installing all the volunteers for the committees. There are still 2 openings. We are looking for someone to do a summary of the meetings and someone to do the Show and Share. Please consider helping out to make our guild even better. The rest of the meeting will be no stress stitching!! Apparently many enjoy this and we will be incorporating more of it during the coming year.

A reminder that the Edwardian Needle will be open this Wed only until the following week. Make sure you have everything you need for the week she is closed.

So I don’t know about you but when I came home and found the new Needlepoint Now magazine in the mail I ripped it open to read Elizabeth’s Musings. The rumors were true – the magazine has been sold and Elizabeth Bozievich is retiring. So many of us have enjoyed reading her magazine for the last 13 years. I am sure everyone wishes her lots of “unscheduled free time!”

Many of us know the new owner of the magazine – Andrea Santiamo, her daughter Marisa and their close friend Karen Sanicola. For as much as we all loved the magazine I think we are in for a wild new ride, I can’t wait to read the first issue. They have already started with an interesting year long project that is a wreath made up of many leaves all in different stitches and colors. They have partnered with close to 50 LNS and if you don’t have one near by they will help connect you to a virtual club. This is only the start, I am sure they have lots to tease us with in the future – I for one can’t wait. Needlepoint Now Stitch Club – Needlepoint Now

Needlefest – one of the reasons to love Needleworker’s Delight. Of course they have many retreats and Needlefest’s in several locations. They are trying something new with their Christmas in Williamsburg Needlefest – there is a “Virtual” option. For $25 you will be able to chat with the designers at the meet and greet, your automatically entered for the prizes they give away, you can take some of the featured classes and more.

Sale – Sale – Sale It’s that time of year – Tony’s Sale !! Tony Minieri has a sale in his online store once a year and it starts 11/25 thru 12/9. Use the word “Kringle” to get the 25% off. https://www.tonyminieri.com/

Needleworks in Austin TX is having a big sale starting 11/26 thru the end of the year with 30% off – no excuse to not have something to stitch when you have a snow day – it’s a harsh lesson. https://theneedleworks.com/shop/

If you are a lover of Kathy Rees (I myself am a die hard groupie) then you want to check out her web site. In honor of her 50th design in the Color Delights series she is giving 10% off all previous color delights patterns,kits and the Double Delights series for the rest of November – use the code CD 2022 for the discount. She has also warned us that she needs to raise the price on her kits due to the increase in thread cost. She will raise the price during December so you might want to stock up now !! Yes I did ! Needle Delights Originals – Needle Delights Originals

Needlepoint For Fun is having an early Black Friday sale. 25% off English Needlepoint Kits and 50% off the cutest in stock Mini-Mitts – such cute ornaments for grandchildren !!! Or anyone for that matter!https://needlepoint-for-fun.com/search?type=product%2Carticle%2Cpage&q=Mini+Mitts!

Are you a member of Cyberpointers???? You should be !! They have some upcoming projects that are fantastic like Debbie Rowley’s “Fantastic”. If you were drooling over Debbie Rowley’s “Mermaid’s Tail” that was offered at the EGA seminar Broadway Bound then you have the opportunity to now buy the kit and instructions along with other great offerings this coming year. https://www.cyberpointers.org/?p=8649

Don’t think we don’t know that you check out Needlepoint Destashing’s web site (some way more than others!). They are again doing a “Secret Stitcher” – a way to pay it forward and let’s stitchers secretly treat each other to a little surprise. You have an option to buy an ornament size canvas that is then gifted to the order after yours. They will get the surprise in their package along with a note explaining. https://www.needlepointdestashing.com/

Can’t get to a store for a trunk show????? Of course there is a solution – You Tube! Homestead Needle Arts in Michigan is having a Whimsy and Grace trunk show and they have all the canvases on their You Tube Channel. Easy to look at the canvases until you find something and they talk about them as they go along. No need to worry about making store hours !!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTzZ3Amgg3Y30yMhnDPpAcQ

Wool and Willow Needlepoint in Ohio is having an exclusive London series of canvases from Blue Ridge Stitchery. For all those lovers of England and who miss Queen Elizabeth you might want to check this out. From the Corgi to the guard – they are all so pretty. You can buy the canvas or they are selling a kit with not only the threads but a stitch guide by Mary Legallet of Whimsical Stitches. https://www.woolandwillow.com/

In case you missed it – it was snowing last night – yes – already! And we aren’t even near Buffalo !!! To put you in the mood to stitch the season look at Chandail Needlework in TX. They are going to have Kelly Clark teach her beautiful canvas called “Christmas Tea”. The class will be done on Zoom so anyone can sign up. Hurry though as the class will start in early December. https://www.chandailneedlepoint.com/module/class/419227/christmas-tea-taught-by-kelly-clark-december-9-12-2022

Having read the new Needlepoint Now you know this is the year of the Gnome!!! Sew Much Fun is getting in on the action with some new Gnomes (say that 10 times fast) along with some other fun new canvases. Home (sewmuchfun.ca)

Alice Peterson is now doing Scissor Fobs ( an easy gift). Some of the new canvases from the Oct Market are also different from what we expect to see, lots of small ornaments and some great looking doorways. A little something for everyone. 2022 October Archives | Alice Peterson Company

Tips and Tricks: According to Needlepoint.com there are 3 top ways to add texture to your project. 3 Tips Every Stitcher Needs To Add Texture to a Canvas – Needlepoint.Com

Who was that famous stitcher? You will find her blue jean jacket canvas on my Turtle Bag – that is Audrey Wu. A relatively new designer originally from Taiwan that started out designing jewelry. Audrey Wu Needlepoint | Audrey Wu Designs – AudreyWu Designs

Can you guess who this famous stitcher is??

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