What’s Happening at NJNA 4/9/22


Our members that participated in the “Tale of Two Stitchers” program in February took the show on the road. They gave their talk to the San Bernardino chapter and it was even better the 2nd time around.

This month we will be finishing Cathryn’s program from last month on “Ideas for Finishing Needlepoint” since we ran out of time. We will also be kicking off the chapter bargello project. So many different canvases will be part of this, it will be interesting to see them all together.

If you missed seeing the 2022 Annual Woodlawn Needlework Show – do not fret !!! It will have a virtual showing on their web site starting April 15th ! You will be able to see all the entries but sorry, no cookies !! 2022 Annual Needlework Show Information 2022 — Woodlawn & Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House (woodlawnpopeleighey.org)

More new canvases are coming out from the Spring Market including a very appropriate one !! This week we missed Deep Dish Pizza Day and National Burrito Day. Let’s not miss today’s celebration of – National Unicorn Day !! (who would have thought !!)

New from the market as seen on PFOS

If unicorn’s are not for you (understandable!) here are some more new canvases from the Spring Market:

House of Needlepoint in CT has a new class for learning stitches – it’s an eclectic tic tac toe board or of course can be made into a pillow, etc. They can get the box you see it in and it has storage for the game pieces. Not your average sampler !

It’s Easter and Passover Time. Easter has way more canvases to choose from than Passover unfortunately but here are a few interesting Easter items that can be added to the stash:

The Two Handed Stitcher has a lovely Laura Perin piece called Easter Egg Hunt. It’s only 8×8 but has to be a fun stitch. http://two-handedstitcher.blogspot.com/

Eye Candy has a free Easter Egg Pattern on her web site that can be dressed up in several ways. http://www.eyecandyneedleart.com/EyeCandy_Needleart/Bonus_Charts.html

While your there check out her new canvases that make up the most colorful and sweet Easter Train. Would make a great stand up.

Nothing says Spring like robins. Artful Offerings has some very pretty patterns that can be transferred into needlepoint or if you like congress cloth have at it with samplers, purses, folk art, etc. http://www.artfulofferings.com/

Artful Offerings

Needlepoint Junction has some exclusive canvases that scream spring. Small stitch items that can be done quickly and they are in you know who’s favorite colors. https://shopneedlepointjunction.com/collections/exclusives

Needlepoint Junction Exclusives

Flying Needle in FL is looking for someone to buy her store. In the mean time she is doing business as usual and has needleminders celebrating the Ukrainian Flag that will also help the cause.

In spite of all this talk of spring, and where is it anyway, it’s just never too early to start a Christmas Holiday project. You will need a good head start on this one by Kate Dickerson. It’s an interactive Advent calendar that is sold in a set with 25 ornaments.

All you fans of Ruth Schmuff – she has released her first iStitches book as a digital download!! https://bedeckedandbeadazzled.com/2022/03/its-back/

Beading Tip: Beadalon has collapsible eye needles. They are supposed to work even with seed beads !! Where can you get them??? Where else – Amazon and I am sure your local craft store may also have them!!

Who was this Famous Stitcher???? Why Eartha Kitt of course !

And who is this Famous person on so many canvases these days??

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday no matter what your celebrating !!

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