What’s Happening at NJNA 3/26/22


WOW – what a meeting we had. Cathryn did a presentation on “Idea’s For Finishing Needlepoint” – she had so many slides with so many suggestion’s we couldn’t finish !!!! People were commenting that they were going to send in more ideas so her 180 slides will most likely grow !! Who knew there were so many avenues ?!?! She will finish the rest of the presentation next meeting. Next month we will also be kicking off the chapter bargello project. Can’t wait to see what everyone will be stitching along with all those ice cream cones.

The Woodlawn Annual Needlework Show will be over on March 31st. NJNA entered 25 of the 300 pieces on exhibit and took quite a few prizes – 13 in all. Everyone needs to be congratulated for such a strong showing. What will NJNA come up with next year ???

The latest edition of the Needle Pointers magazine by ANG is due any second in your mail box. You can look at it online however and it has some wonderful articles. Don’t forget about the new dues schedule based on your anniversary month. At the end of this year our dues will all be due to be paid at the same time.

While on the subject of magazines – the new Needlepoint Now has an article called Framed Sevens by our own Melita Glavin. An amazing piece to stitch – read how she came up with the pattern.

NEW/OLD – A new shop is opening in Manhattan that is called West Village Knit & Needle. Home | West Village Knit & Needle (wvknitandneedle.com) The House of Needlepoint in Darien CT is up for sale. It has been there more than 18 years. We also just heard that Luv 2 Stitch in CA is closing. Dale Lenci has decided to retire. He too has been in business for 18 years. We wish them all well.

The needlepoint world has come to help recognize the dire straits the Ukrainian people are living under in the best way they know how – stitching Sunflowers ! The blog post from Chilly Hollow on 3/24 has a list the length of your arm of various designers that have created canvases with all sorts of things to show support, from flags to sunflowers and more. Check out the list WELCOME to the CHILLY HOLLOW NEEDLEPOINT ADVENTURE (chillyhollownp.blogspot.com) Jane – glad you got as big a giggle as we did with that list !!

It’s that time of year again !! Time to see what we will be buying next !!! The show had many participants. From canvases to bags to needle minders to Ka-Tzu Kazoo beads & fobs. Melissa Shirley was not a participant this time but does have some new offerings. SO – let’s see some new canvases !!

Let’s start backwards and look at some new things from Zecca:

Stitch Style had some great small items !!

Another favorite is Pippin with those seagulls that make you smile.

Melissa Shirley as usual has timeless canvases:

Jean Smith is not just flowers and Kate Dickerson has some whimsical items:

Eyecandy has the cutest flower carts !

Many of these canvases were seen on Stitch By Stitch of NY ‘s blog Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com) They are now carrying some new designers and have also started to carry canvases by Tilli Tomas who is the owner of Planet Earth Fibers and leather goods. As always – Alice Peterson doesn’t disappoint !

Tips & Tricks

The Famous Stitchers from Last Time were: Martha Stewart and Sylvia Sydney

Who was this Famous Stitcher????

Fuzzy picture but she was a very famous African American Actress/Singer

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