SOTM – July 2021


July is now history and our group continues with our projects. We are now officially in the second half of the year! We are still meeting on Zoom but hope to begin in-person meetings soon.

Stratigraphy by Jennifer Riefenberg (ANG’s Stitch of the Month project)

Brenda is matching the color scheme in her guest bathroom.

Diane is using Jennifer’s suggested colors.

Rosie is using a USGS Stratigraphic Column.

Sue is picking colors as she stitches.

Other SOTM Projects

Tina is working on Feuilles d’Ananas by Susan Hoekstra, which was ANG’s and NJNA’s 2016 SOTM.

Melita completed her 8-Pointed Star by Kathy Rees, ANG’s and NJNA’s 2020 SOTM, in her own colorway.

Nancy is working on Ruby Razzle Dazzle, NJNA’s 2015 SOTM, in the sage green and purple colorway.

Linda is also working on Ruby Razzle Dazzle in the terra cotta and blue colorway.

Happy Stitching!


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