SOTM – May 2021


We are at the end of May – the unofficial start of Summer. The weather over the past few weeks has been quite variable with 90-degree days followed by 50-degree days. Climate change or just Springtime in New Jersey?

Our NJNA SOTM group is still meeting virtually although many of the COVID-era restrictions are now being lifted. We hope to get back to seeing each other in person someday soon. In the meantime, Zoom check-ins are sustaining us.

Progress is being made on the ANG SOTM Stratigraphy and we’re starting to see some color changes on the stitch layers.


Barbara continues to make progress on Petite Arabesque when she’s not visiting the grandchildren!


And Jacqui is busy with Asymmetrical Copper.


Linda and Nancy are both working on Ruby Razzle Dazzle, although in very different colorways.


We’re looking forward to the halfway point in June!

Happy Stitching!


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