What’s Happening at NJNA 4/3/2021


To start out this week we have to welcome a new member to our group, Helen D. Helen has known many of us for quite some time, glad you decided to join in the fun !!

Another of our members, Melita, along with a group that she stitches with, donated a canvas they all had a hand in stitching to a coffee shop where they met frequently. Since that place closed the canvas was moved to another store and is prominently displayed. What a wonderful gift to the store. Hope all the ladies can stitch again in person soon.

Speaking of stitching in person, ANG Seminar has decided to go virtual again this year. They were hesitant to have an in person event with registration way down and with many COVID variant strains creating spikes in various parts of the nation. They felt this was the safest way to go. They will be putting more information out soon but promise to have a robust program thru out the coming year.

Needlefest is going forward with their event in person on August 28th. This is put on by a wonderful shop, Needleworker’s Delight in Metuchen and is being held at the Embassy Suites in Berkeley Heights NJ. They are also having an Easter Sale – 25% off everything !! They have begun to have needlepoint trunk shows (as you probably already know from those FB Live events) and in the coming months you can look forward to the Princess and Me along with a trunk show of Accouterments needle minders – because we just can’t have enough of them !

The legendary Sandy Arthur has a new book coming – “Beards, Mustaches and Such” check it out at: https://sandyarthur.blogspot.com/2021/03/the-forecast-is.html

FOMO Alert – can you have too many scissors??? I think not ! Check these Cotton Candy Scissors out. They come in the color Lavender (and we know who loves all things purple ) You can spend hours looking at this web site !! ttp://www.embroidery.com/family.ec?efid=4146

Rainbow Gallery has a new thread line coming – Silk Lame Plus – a Silk Lame type ribbon

DebBee’s Designs has a Kit of the Month and this month is a cute “Rainy Day” though the 3 prior ones are adorable also. Each kit is 4X4 and contains everything for $40.(includes shipping) For another $10 you can get a kit to finish it yourself. The other nice thing is you can buy just one or how ever many you like, your not committed to a club. April – Rainy Day – DebBee’s Designs

A favorite shop in Houston TX is Chaparral Needle Works and there is a new owner – Heidi Henrichs – she has been a customer, employee and now owner of this shop that has been in business since 1962 when 5 friends opened it’s doors. She is lining up a lot of events and we all wish her much success !

And finally we have something I had to read 3 times to be sure I got it right !!! Diversions Needlepoint in CO on 4/1 put out that they have come up with a new class to offer inspired by Goat Yoga – stitching with Pygmy goats and Mary Lou. “Imaging how relaxing it will be to stitch a Tony Minieri stitch-guided piece with a cutie-patootie goat perched on one’s shoulder!” Other advantages are an ample supply of mohair for stitching beards, Orts are encouraged to be thrown on the floor for “recycling”, the goats have been trained to offer stitch and thread advice along with technical help as they know the difference between Cashmere and Turkey Work stitches and they are trained frame weights among other advantages. Sheer ma-a-a-a-a-a-a-gic

Needlepoint – Yoga For The Mind

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