What’s Happening at NJNA 3/6/2021


Members of NJNA are showing off their talents again – this time in Needle Pointers Magazine. First, an article on the Community Service Project done in memory of Pam Granick. Beautiful stitching of the Alice Peterson canvas “Children’s Classic Books” was donated to the Bernards Township Library. Then, Noelle was one of the stitchers in a “Tale of Two Stitchers” with “What R U Looking At III” – She did a magnificent job !!

Congrats to the ANG Auction – their goal amount was $11,000 and they collected $15,000 – looking forward to see what is up for bid in the next one in August.

Have you lost your MOJO to stitch? Did you fall into a needlepoint rut ? Try some of these suggestions in an article from Lycette Designs and maybe you will be back to full speed ! WWW.Lycettedesigns.com/blogs/news/stuck-in-a-needlepoint-rut

So, you have the desire back – now what? Need an idea to stitch something different? How about an Apple watch band? Bestitched Needlepoint is having a trunk show from Point 2 Pointe and they have multiple bands at 20% off. Need a gift – how about self finishing napkin holders? Quick and easy. What about a head band? Check out Stitch By Stitch for plaids and cute designs – let’s start an old is new again trend !

What about the canvases you have stitched already and are undecided what to do with them. What do you do ?!?!? Your already out of wall space and you look like the woman in the commercial that can’t sit on her couch because she has so many pillows !! We need some new and innovative ways to use all this stitching !! My contribution – sew together several stitched canvases and use them to cover a bench at the foot of your bed. Makes putting your shoes on so much nicer. You can also take those small words and hang them on a jewelry carousel or string them together into a banner. I know someone that rotates canvases based on season and holiday. If you give them as gifts how do you have them finished ? Let me hear from you if you have an idea as to what we can do with all this stitching. You may have an idea that we may not have thought of. I will put in the blog all your innovative ideas!!

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