What’s Happening at NJNA 2/27/21


It’s that time of year – time to get ready for the Woodlawn needlework show !! Everything is being done online, just go to the web site: Home | 2021 Woodlawn Needlework Show (artcall.org) and it will explain it all. NJNA is always a large exhibitor of our talents so come join in and have your work on display.

BEAD ALERT !! Swarovski will no longer be making crystals and beads for our use and others. It’s estimated that shipments will be stopped around Sept of this year. Hopefully another manufacturer will step in with a similar product but if you need any of their beads you better get them now.

A store that has been around for quite some time, Amy’s Golden Strand is going out of business. Amy Bunger is retiring from having a brick and mortar shop and everything as of now is 35% off. Hopefully she will have an online presence in the future.

Inevitably, a discussion always seems to become part of the conversation – What is your floor stand of choice? Is it the Lowery, System 4, K’s Creation … There are always opinions as to which is the better one. What is your choice? Let me know what you can’t live without. Oh, and – FOMO Alert – Lowery has a new toy, a carousel thread organizer !!

Our meeting in March will be a Stitch In. Come join the fun and see what everyone is working on. We will have our March meeting on Zoom in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to take off your slippers ! You need to be a member for the fun so come join us. Don’t miss the discussion of upcoming chapter projects or make a suggestion. We are always looking for suggestions.

The Shining Needle Society has a new project coming up by Patricia Hartman called Magic Moments. With the colorway they show it looks south western but I can’t imagine the endless possibilities with a change of color. It’s a counted piece with all kinds of stitches like waffle, double sprat’s head, mirrored crescents, triangle Jessica’s and lots more. If you like a counted piece this sounds and looks like a very interesting piece to stitch.

BTW – I was asked if we still have some stretcher bars and the answer is – yes we do. Contact us for the sizes remaining.

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