SOTM – January 2021


What a difference a year makes! Last year at this time our SOTM group gathered to start on the 2020 project – for most of us it was Kathy Rees’ Star, the ANG Stitch-of-the-Month. We lasted two months before COVID forced us to find an alternative means to meet. As with many other groups, we had a crash course in Zoom technology. While we miss the in person sessions, at least these virtual gatherings provide us with the opportunity to catch up with each other and share our project progress. It looks like we’ll be continuing our virtual sessions for the foreseeable future.

This month thirteen of us met during our morning session and nine were able to return for the afternoon session. We had no overwhelming consensus for our project this year, so the group decided that three projects would be selected – Jennifer Riefenberg’s Stratigraphy, which is the ANG 2021 SOTM; Jeff Kulick’s Asymmetrical Copper; and Laura Perin’s Petite Arabesque. As always, group members can also stitch a previous SOTM project.

Stratigraphy by Jennifer Riefenberg
Asymmetrical Copper by Jeff Kulick
Petite Arabesque by Laura J. Perin Designs

Stratigraphy promises to be an interesting project. Jennifer Riefenberg describes it as “a band sampler representing a cross section of the earth such as a geologist may see if taking a slice through time – complete with horsts and grabens (those pattern “offsets”), which are geologic features of fracturing (faults) and movement in the earths’ crust, often associated with valleys and ridges.”

Several of our stitchers are taking that description to heart. Robin is going to use a photo of the Grand Canyon as her guide for threads.

Rosie and Jill are both going to replicate map colors from the US Geological Survey (USGS), supplementing stash as needed. Since Rosie is using her stash, she has made a start on the project.

Sue C will be stitching hers in pastel colors as a true band sampler. Diane and Dee are opting for the Jennifer’s colorways as the subtlety of the gray palette really appeals to them.

Janet and Jacqui, as well as a few others who were unable to attend, will be stitching on Asymmetrical Copper. Both have picked their own colors with lots of red, black, orange, pink, and turquoise in the mix. Janet is also going to stitch it symmetrically! Jacqui did finish her fabulous version of last year’s project.

Barbara is stitching Petite Arabesque in the original colors as she had previously purchased the kit. It’s always a great feeling to be able to pull a project out of stash! I know a few others have said they would be stitching on this project, so expect to see more versions in future blogs.

Members of our SOTM group are encouraged to choose one of our projects from previous years if the current selection(s) do not fit in with their stitching style. Our newest member – Holly – decided to join the group after seeing last year’s project. She’ll be stitching Kathy Rees’ Star from stash, and has already made a great start.

A few of us are going to be stitching an older SOTM project from 2015 – Ruby Razzle Dazzle by Ann Strite-Kurz. Nancy and Linda had started the project that year but, for various reasons, put it aside before completing it while Noelle is just starting it. Linda’s piece is in Russet and Turquoise while Nancy is stitching in Green and Purple. Noelle will be using the original Red and Purple.

In the meantime, Nancy has finished her Star from last year, adding a border in one of her overdye threads. That border really finishes off the design!

We are all looking forward to stitching together this year – even if we must do so virtually. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will once again be able to gather for our monthly sessions.

Happy Stitching!


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