SOTM – October 2020


We are now in the thirteenhundredth month of the year 2020 – or at least it feels that way. I miss getting together with all my needlework friends! Zoom is great, but it doesn’t replace in-person gatherings.

That being said, our intrepid group met again on Zoom earlier this month to continue our progress on the SOTM project. We are all working on the background sections. Kathy Rees has chosen some very calming stitches for those areas, which we all need right now.

Many of us are using neutral colors that blend with our canvas colors. But there are some surprises in those backgrounds. Without further ado, here are our October progress photos.

Brenda is stitching in Kathy’s original colors.

Ellen chose a pink background that coordinates beautifully with her overdyes.

Jacqui played with several different colors before deciding on a dark green to set off her red and gold design.

Janice is also stitching in Kathy’s original colors. Stitching with overdyes gives a unique look depending on the color placement.

Linda chose a neutral background to allow the greens and purples to really pop.

Robin matched her canvas perfectly with her choice of background thread.

Rosie also matched her background with a pale gray that coordinates with the yellows and grays in the star.

Another green background for Sue really offsets the star design.

Pale threads are the way to go for Tina as well.

And, Tina finished a previous SOTM – Stars for the New Millennium from Tony Minieri in her own colorway. Just beautiful and well worth the wait.

Until next time…Happy Stitching!


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