The difference color makes


The June SOTM was the last section stitched in Color family 1. I noticed that in all the sections, I had put the darker of the very light shades I was using in the middle triangle of each parallelogram. This time I used the darkest shade of all. When I finished the section, I realized that it was much darker than anything I had used before and I had no chance of using that thread in the future. It had to go.

Of course it wasn’t as easy of removing only that stitch, the whole section had to come out. I replaced the offending thread, a Splendor, with a DMC floss that fit well with the other threads used, even if it would only be used in one place in the piece.

Did I make the right call?

Sue C

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  1. Good morning ladies: I have been following this blog for a couple of years now and am really enjoying your adventures in stitching! I live in Canada, and stitch many of the same projects, so having your blog to visit is wonderful.
    Sue — your colours on this SOTM project are terrific — can you please tell me what they are — I have not been able to identify them to my total satisfaction using the Watercolours charts I have on hand.
    Thanks very much. Carin

    • I am so glad you enjoy our blog, Carin! My goal was for the reverse of the original, with a light star and dark background. The pink family began with Cotton Candy (116). Since I could not find anything I wanted to work with that in Watercolours, I just used one. With that I added Mandarin Floss (M918), petite Very Velvet (V610), and Silk Lamé Braid (SL44). I couldn’t find any other different thread that would work. For the green I began with Celery (242) and added Crystal Braid (CR05), Silk Lamé Braids (SL168 and SL150), Petite Sparkle Rays (PS25) and Petite Very Velvet (V651). The replacement thread for the dark green for June was a floss,
      DMC 368. In searching for threads, I didn’t find many in the pale colors I was using, but even with a limited number of threads, I am pleased with the look. Thanks so much for your interest, Carin!

  2. Thank you very much Sue for your information. It is very helpful. I have not yet started this project because of other WIPs in line, but it is in my bucket list. Your choice of colours gives me perspective I had not thought of (light on dark vs the original dark on light). I am looking forward to watching your progress. Kindest regards, stay safe and healthy. Carin

    • As it is in your list of future projects, come September you will have a chance to see how the dark background will work with the light star, Carin. Since our group usually meets to stitch the SOTM, we have been meeting via Zoom beginning in April. We all enjoy watching the progress of others via Zoom and the blog, but we do miss the time spent together in live stitching! Stay well, Carin!

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