A new Needlepoint Shop in New Jersey!


Yesterday I stopped in Bay Head Needlepoint which has just opened this summer in Bay Head. (bayheadneedlepoint.com)

The address is on Bridge Street, but the entrance is on the side of the building on Lake Street. It is a magical little shop with lots of light showing off a beautiful display of threads. The painted canvases they have are from some well known designers and many are perfect for shore vacationers. Right now you must wear a mask as well as use the hand sanitizer provided as you enter.

The shop is owned by four friends who all Needlepoint and have been friends for years having spent summers in the area for a long time. The threads are beautifully displayed which would make it easy to purchase a canvas and select the threads to stitch it all at one time.

Did you see the brick covers? Perfect to stitch for a shore home where the ocean breeze always tries to slams doors shut!

The threads that they carry include Vineyard Silk Silk and Vineyard Silk Merino, Silk and Ivory, Pepper Pot Variegated, Fyre Werks Soft Sheen Minis and Tili Thomas Essential minis (50/50 Silk/wool). I was impressed with their thread inventory and happy that they limited the lines but carried so many colors of each. When you want to match the color on a painted canvas, you need that. At this point the accessories are limited, the stitching bags you can see hanging on the checkout counter, small finished boxes only needing the stitched insert to complete a perfect gift, and the perfect book for painted canvas people, Stitches to Go. The shop consists of two small rooms and a hallway where they have set up a taping machine to get your project ready to go!

For those of you making a shore stop this summer, make a side trip here, you won’t be disappointed in what you see. I am looking forward to stopping in again next time I am down that way.


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