Another Finish


For the past month I’ve been working on Toni Gerdes’s “Klimt Kimono” through CyberPointers, and I finished it yesterday! It was fun to stitch…the most difficult part was keeping track of the floss threader, the re-purposed tool for getting the gold gimp thread used for the tree branches through enlarged holes in the canvas. 🙂 I dropped it several times and thought I was in trouble, until I discovered that a flashlight helped to locate it against the dark tweedy background of the carpet where I was stitching.

I have a partially-finished Wright Kimono in my stash, and I’m going to be doing the O’Keeffe Kimono as part of the virtual ANG Seminar, so I guess I have to stop saying that “I’m not really a kimono person”!


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  1. Looks beautiful, Jill. I am so envious of all of the stitching that you are getting done. I swear — as soon as I finish this puzzle — I’ll get back to it. In fairness, this 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle has been in my stash longer than ANY single piece of needlepoint.

  2. Looks like Kimonos might be in your eye now, Jill, as we have an NJNA program with more kimonos in the fall! This one is beautifully executed!

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