More Color Play – Day 2


Today was Day 2 of More Color Play and I continued to learn a lot about color interactions, values, saturation, etc.  i also learned about shadow stitching, which is a fabulous technique we used for the background.  If you look closely, you can barely see the cross threads of the kite.  That is because that’s where the threads are carried on the back of the canvas.  Doesn’t it give an amazing look to the kite background stitch?  And the interesting part is if you don’t like it, you can put a darker or sparkly matting behind the canvas and you won’t see it.

Next we moved on to the bottom of the kites.  Again it is a simple stitch using a muted waterlillies that is used in all the kites.  While I only got to one kite with it, seeing where others did different kites and the effect ithad on what you saw was amazing.  This was an amazing class that gave me so many insights and ideas for doing painted canvases as well as picking colors for counted work.

As a bonus today, I won a seminar daily door prize.  I was having trouble finding something when I came across a painted canvas with several Rainbow Gallery threads included.  I could not see the painted canvas and the photo of the piece was uninspiring but I figured the Threads alone made it worthwhile.  Another stitcher in my class wanted to see the threads and what the design was supposed to be so we opened it and found a very cute painted canvas that was very different from the stitched photo and some wonderful threads including one called Fluffy Fleece that looks like it will be fun to experiment with.   Here’s the photo and the actual canvas which is supposed to be a napkin ring holder but I can make into a cute elf ornament, especially with some of the info I’ve learned in class the past 2 days.  Whoever stitched the model needed to take Jennifer’s class!


One more day of classes!  It has been a whirlwind to say the least.


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