2019 February SOTM


Hi Everyone —

This year, NJNA SOTM Group has elected to do the ANG SOTM Mystery Project.  Thirteen of us gathered on February 9 to stitch this month’s installment.  This is quite exciting as the directions allow quite a bit of leeway even within a given colorway.  A number of us have deviated from the designers’ colorways so that’s exciting too!

Four of us are up to date after Saturday:


A few of us are just starting and are in different states of progress:

Presentation 3

Presentation 2

Dee hit a major milestone on “A Different View” by completing her last hexagon.  Now onto the small squares and beads!


Hexagons Complete!  Beautiful!

Diane is finishing up the border on Autumn Kaleidoscope by Lorene Salt.


Almost done!  Diane expects to be able to start the Mystery next month!

It was a bright, sunny day so we had plenty of light to stitch by.  Thanks to all who brought the wonderful assortments of dessert!

Cheers, Rosie

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  1. I love looking at all your stitching. It’s very inspiring to see how much you all get done. What canvas color is Janet P using? It’s going to make her stitching really pop.

    • The canvas is red 18 count. I had concerns that although it looks good up close from afar the red on red is washed out so will be introducing new color threads with the different stitches. Will probably use golds and silver a lot.


  2. When I look at the picture on my computer, the canvas looks like dark raspberry! You never know when color differences will show up!. I’m using the peachy pink color of canvas, and one of my colors is peachy orangey. At the moment, there’s not a lot of contrast between the stitch and my canvas. But, I think that as other colors are added, the canvas color won’t be so prominent.

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