Stitch of the Month – July


Eight of us once again convened for another session of Stitch of the Month.  We enjoyed a day of stitching and chatting, and celebrated both Sylvia’s and Nancy W’s birthdays with cupcakes, ice cream, apple pie, and cookies.  There is no denying that we enjoy our stitching sessions!

Sue C, who is working on My Way, and Joan, who is finished her Stars for the New Millennium, both left before we took this picture.  We’ll get them next time!!

IMG_1021.JPGTop left – Nancy W’s Granite; Top right – Linda’s Egyptian Nights; Middle left – Margaret’s Egyptian Nights (with some experimenting on the sashing); Middle right – Sylvia’s Royalty; Bottom left – Jill’s Black Iris; Bottom right – Tina’s Cherry.

Most of us are using colors included in the instructions with a few changes to suit individual preferences.  Both Jill and Tina are stitching in their own colors and threads.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress next month!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Amazing the effects of the different colorways. The interactions of the particular colors as well as whether you really followed Tony’s guidelines for light, medium, or dark really have a dramatic effect on the result. I’ve just completed block 6 and will upload tomorrow when I can take a picture with better light. I wish I’d gone lighter with my color C (lavender) but that’s just in retrospect!

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