Traveling with needlework in your suitcase


On the way home from the ANG seminar in New Orleans, the Department of Transportaion inspected my luggage that I had checked.  Where did I find the information sheet telling me that they had checked my suitcase?  It was in the ziplock bag that held my frame weight!  (It originally was a long heavy weight that I had made for my mom to hold her book open while she was reading at lunch.  It contains sand as the weight which is why I keep in a plastic bag).  I mentioned that today while I was stitching with friends.  One of these women told me that several years ago Debbie Stiehler told her class that at the top of her suitcase she includes a printed sheet saying that she is traveling to a needlework event and she has her tools packed in her luggage and then includes a list of what she has packed.  She began doing this because her luggage was often inspected.  When you think about it, here we are with several pairs of scissors, pointy things we call laying tools, numerous needles strong magnets and, of course, a frame weight.  I think I will be doing this in the future as well!

Frame weight

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