Uber Delicious!


Hi Everyone —

Today Sue and I are in the same class which doesn’t happen very often.  She has already told you the wonderful story of how “Sisters” got its name.  I did hear one woman in the class mention that she was renaming it the “Coven”.  In case you didn’t know, that is how many of our husbands refer to our stitching groups.  In my house, they’re my “Peeps!”


Tomorrow we will add aquas and grays to the larger piece.

The hotel here in NOLA is right next to the Superdome.  So we dealt with the Saints playing the Steelers on Friday night, a Little Wayne concert on Saturday night, and the Saints playing the Ravens tonight.  One side effect of this is the earplugs that were placed on our pillows.  Another is total gridlock in front of the hotel.  So, when six of us needed a taxi for dinner tonight, we got in a very long line.  After about five minutes and no movement, I decided to use a skill that Meg taught me and I hailed an Uber cab!  Our driver arrived in about three minutes — but the bottom line is that we paid less than half of what our friends did!  So easy!

I forgot to mention that Meg had been in NOLA with her high school friends a few years ago and she sent me a list of recommended restaurants.  So tonight we followed her advice and ate at Muriels in the French Quarter.


The food was terrific and I know that I ate too much.  I did my usual two appetizers instead of an entree:  1.  zucchini rolled with sun dried tomatoes and ricotta cheese, then deep fried and served with mint sauce and 2.  pan-fried crab cake with capers.  I also ordered wood grilled asparagus and Gruyere mashed potatoes.  Dessert was a carrot cake ice cream sandwich — the ice cream was cream cheese flavored!  OMG!  We had six very happy campers!

Here’s a random sample of some other lovely meals:

Many thanks to Meg for the excellent recommendation.  My other daughter texted me a picture of their dinner at my favorite Madison restaurant.  B***h, slapped!

Cheers, Rosie

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